Sleek Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case More Than Doubles Your Phone’s Battery Life

Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case,EUROB 5500mAh Slim Type C Charger Portable Extended Battery Note 8 Charging Case (Black) The Note 8 is one of the coolest tech toys to come out last year, but want to know what’s not cool? Your battery dying before noon. Luckily for all of us who love to use our phones constantly, there’s a simple solution to keeping your Note 8 charged and always ready to go: a battery case!

Here is a reliable battery case options to browse through if you’re looking for the perfect power-up for your Note 8!

Specifications as they appear on the product page.

– Capacity: 5500mAh.Fast charging.
– Add up to 7 hours 3G internet,9 hours 3G talk time, 10 hours WIFI,12 hours 2G talk time.
– Full edge wrap soft case brings all-around protection.
– World’s only manufacturer integrates both back cover with case into one for ultimate drop protection.
– 20%off,just $31.99 with the code:note20of (limited time offer).

What you find in the Box

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– Battery Case for Galaxy note 8
– User book

Here is the link to [[[Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case]]], [[[EUROB 5500mAh]]] Slim Type C Charger Portable Extended Battery Note 8 Charging Case (Black).

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