[SOLVED] I Forgot My URA TIN Number in Uganda

URA TIN Number Uganda Did you forget your TIN Number in Uganda? This is a guide on how to find it instantly. Yes, how do I know my Tax identification number  is one of the common questions which many Tax payers tend to ask them selves more especially those new registrants, or those who got it but suddenly can’t locate it from where they expected it.

In many cases, the reason is having lost the TIN certificate and or those papers where one had written it on. And regardless of whatever you may need, this post will help you find an answer to the above question, in addition to showing you and taking you through all the step by step procedures on finding your URA TIN Number (Tax Identification Number).

Procedures to recover Forgotten TIN in Uganda

1. Begin by visiting the URA web portal (website) and navigate to where you see my TIN. Click on it and wait for the page to load.


2. Enter your DOB (Date of Birth) under the “What is your Date of Birth?*” and too enter your Mobile Phone Number (the one you used when registering your TIN Number under the “What is your Mobile Number?*”.

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Fill form to recover TIN

3. Enter your Mothers Maiden name under the “What is your Mother’s Maiden Name?*” as you entered them during registration, enter your Email address under the “What is your registered Email?*” – your registered email and hit Submit.

Your URA TIN Number details will be emailed to your email address for as long as you entered the correct information and you will have recovered or known it.

Alternative option: Find a person who has access to his or her or their TIN. Let him or her login into his or her TIN, and go to search Tax payers. You should input your correct names and select individual if your TIN is personal and Non individual if your TIN is company.

From the results corresponding with the names, you should be able to see your TIN Number.

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