[SOLVED] Security Connection Error

A security connection error This guide on how to fix this common error of “Security Connection Error” when an attempt is made to do with email accounts. If you happen to see this popup, then something may be wrong and which you may need to work on so as to have it fixed. I have personally come across this same error several times for example when adding new email accounts on my Samsung Galaxy mobile.

The very first time I encountered this “email security connection error in Samsung Galaxy” was when my [[[Samsung Galaxy A3]]] stopped receiving and nor sending my emails. Being a Yahoo user, I tried my best and did whatever I had to but in vain. That is when a colleague advised me to remove / delete my account and re-add it again not knowing that doing this would create me additional problems.

Instantly I did the removal but adding my account back returned this error of “security connection”. As usual, I am a person who loved solving any problem I encounter and this time round, I had to search for a solution, and which worked for me finally, and a reason I am sharing it with you here so you can make use of it just in case you happen to encounter this same problem.

The solution to this “security connection error” may differ from device to device depending on other factors. And for the above reason, I strongly suggest that you try each one of the ones below until you reach a working one. One thing I know is that these below helped me solve my Galaxy A3 problem and I believe you too will find them helpful.

Alternative solutions to security connection error

Restart your device – The very first thing you should do is to restart your smartphone. Yes, many people have found this working and it may too be your solution. Restarting your device gives it fresh life after rebooting and this process can solve many errors which may otherwise not be solved without rebooting.

Disable and re-enable your data / WiFi connection – Doing this will help your phone access the internet connection afresh and may be solve your issue. Restarting your data and [[[WiFi]]] connection might be the working solution. If the error occurred as a result of low connectivity (assuming)or anything else related, you would have solved it instantly upon re-connection.

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Change IMAP settings – This is an advanced part of the solution but one of the last working ones. Yes, perform a search of your email provider imap settings and change to them from the device defaults for example if you are using Yahoo, changing to imap.mail.yahoo.com might help you out. Please note, it is important you save your current settings just in case you want to put them back.

Factory reset your device – This should only be done after backing up all of your data since failure to will lead to loosing all of them. A factory reset deletes all data on the device and turns its settings back the way they were when you first bought the device. Read how to perform a device hard reset depending on the type and model of yours. Upon resetting, it should work fine without security connection error.

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