[SOLVED] As SMTP Server Is Not Configured, There Was Problem Sending Message To Your Email ID (URA Portal)

SMTP_Server_not_configured_URA Wondering how to go about solving this error of “As smtp server is not configured, there was problem sending message to your email id” which usually pops up when an attempt is made either to reset TIN password on URA Portal? Oh yes, this article takes you through and helps you find a quick solution to the above.

But please note that sometimes, this error can be beyond your own control as a client where by one may be forced to wait until the portal administrators fixes the problem. However, it is important for you to know what steps you can take in order to fix “As smtp server is not configured, there was problem sending message to your email id” on the Uganda revenue authority web portal.

Alternative solutions for the above error

#1. Disconnect and Reconnect your internet connection – The very first time I encountered this error, it wasn’t on the servers side well as according to the response, one would think so. I simply disconnected my current internet, waited for 5 minutes, reconnected and the issue had gone. You can instead switch to another network if you have more than one and see.

#2. Change your browser – Yes, switching from one browser to another has been proven as one of the solutions to ‘”As smtp server is not configured, there was problem sending message to your email id” while accessing URA portal reset and recovery pages. You can try for example from Mozilla Firefox to Chrome and vice versa. Check if it works and you will be done instantly.

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#3. Wait until Server is fixed – According to the error message, it tells you that the server SMPT isn’t well configured. And basing on the fact that you are simply a client not the admin, the better way is to wait until the server is fixed by those who maintains it. You can even call URA Customer service Toll Free line on 0800117000 and report the error. There you would help them know it is happening and a solution will be added.

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