[SOLVED] Stuck In Auto Car Driving Mode On/Off Instant Fix

Samsang N7000 car drive mode turn off This is a Stuck In Auto Car Driving Mode Mode Instant Fix for your Samsung and other supported devices. Car drive mode is an inbuilt feature in mobile phones including [[[[Samsung Galaxy Note N7000]]]] android and many others. But if at any time your mobile starts misbehaving and stuck into this mode, then you need to do somthing, and a reason to go through this article which is all about Stuck In Auto Car Driving Mode Mode Instant Fix.

The other week, John came to me asking for help. The help he wanted was something to with his Samsung N7000 which had stuck in Auto Car Driving Mode Mode as it turned it off and on automatically without him controlling it. When I asked him what had happened, he told me that he didn’t know since it suddenly appeared.

As usual, I tend to look for solution and pass them to the needy, one reason many people come to me for such. The same is what I did to John’s situation, and I am sharing what I exactly tried out and which helped me solve the problem, now that ever since that day, John is using his once hated Samsung N7000 with no any problem. Below are the procedures to solve auto car driving mode turn on / off.

How to permanently turn off Car Driving Mode in Samsung problem

– Turn on your phone and wait initializing to complete
– Tap apps and head onto settings
– Scroll and tap on Accessibility
– Scroll and drag Drive / Car mode box to off

That is it, this is the default turn off car drive mode off your Samsung mobile, and others which have this feature active and operational. Below is another alternative solution which too works in case the above fails or continues to on and off automatically.

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– Power off your phone and insert connect it to charger.
– Turn it on while in charge and make a call.
– Unplug the charger during the call and after end your call.

That should work for you as well. But in case this fails to work for you, you might consider troubleshooting your charging system as well and replace it with another since that is what exactly I did with John’s N7000.

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