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Organization: CTG Global
Country: Somalia
Closing date: 30 Nov 2015

PositionLegal Expert

Place of Performance Garowe

Contract Duration 20 working days

Starting Date ASAP


CTG Global is a managed service company specializing in Recruitment, Management Consultancy, and Human Resources support services and Monitoring & Evaluation in post disaster and post conflict countries around the world.

CTG Global provides services to humanitarian organizations, government, non-governmental organizations and corporates that enables public and private sectors to focus on their core business and the achievement of their objectives in hostile and threatening environments as we provide a safe and secure environment for them to do so and alleviate them of their risks, crisis and personnel management problems.


The long and protracted civil war in Somalia, inter alia, destroyed public service infrastructures and robbed the country of most of its professional human resources. One of the key outcomes of these developments is the lack of sufficient levels of qualified manpower within government establishments. Staff capacity across the government is low, and the few professionals that are currently in government institutions are underemployed. In Puntland, these challenges are compounded by the absence of any visible mechanisms for employee performance management.

In addition to the foregoing state of affairs is the lack of clarity in mandates and functions across government institutions and between the Federal and the State Governments. In Puntland, clear policy frameworks, strategies, systems and procedures in most government institutions are largely absent, often leading to competing and overlapping functions. In particular, the civil service legal and regulatory frameworks, which provide the overall guidance for civil service management are incomplete and insufficiently adhered to.

This project is designed to respond to some of these challenges. It seeks to support the capacity development of the Federal Government of Somalia, the Somaliland Government and the Puntland State Government. For Puntland, the project particularly aims at strengthening the performance of key government institutions, including the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation through the implementation of five key engendered and conflict sensitive performance enhancement support initiatives in support of civil service management and core of government functions in Puntland: i) Civil Service Management; ii) Civil Service Training; iii) Good Governance; iv) Gender Mainstreaming; and v) Aid and Development Coordination.

In line with the foregoing objectives of the SIP project, the State Government of Puntland requests our client to support MOLYS in effectively undertaking one of its primary responsibilities (civil service reforms) and to facilitate transfer of key civil service management functions to the Civil Service Commission (CSC). Both institutions have already been cooperating with our client and working together in this area. Our client’s initial assistance to both had been through a consultancy under the preparatory phase of this project, the outcome of which was formulation and issuance of two Advisory Notes for Reforms on: i) civil service legal and regulatory frameworks; and ii) civil service management arrangements. In addition, our client assisted MOLYS in identifying civil service training needs and in formulating strategies for civil service training. Further support to the two institutions to delineate their responsibilities and to work in a complementary manner in this area is required.

The two will also be assisted to work closely with the Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs to ensure an engendered civil service.


Objectives of the assignment

The objective of this consultancy is to undertake the review and revision of the Puntland Government civil service legal and regulatory frameworks.

Scope of work/expected output

The scope of work for this consultancy is defined by the existing legal and regularly frameworks of the Puntland Civil Service.

Monitoring and Progress controls

The consultancy will be jointly monitored by both the counterpart (target) institutions and the client. MOLYS, CSC and SIP Team will ensure the consultant undertakes her/his work in line with the terms of reference of the consultancy.

Final Product/Deliverables/Activities

The following activities will be undertaken and deliverables generated by the consultant:


§ Undertake review of Puntland Civil Service Law #5 and produce a Law Review Report.

§ Present the Law Review Report to a group of stakeholders and incorporate their inputs.

§ Revise Law #5 based on the final Law Review Report.

§ Present the draft Law to the Puntland Government for review.

§ Incorporate any proposed amendments to the Draft Law #5 as final product.

§ Advise MOLYS and CSC on the operational implications of the revised Law #5.

§ Produce a final report showing achievement of the objective of the consultancy at the end of the assignment.


§ Brief inception report on the consultancy.

§ Civil Service Law #5 Review Report.

§ Revised Civil Service Law #5.

§ Final Consultancy report.

Review/approval time

Achievement of deliverables/milestones will be reviewed and validated by relevant officials of MOLYS and CSC; and the SIP Team Leader before the consultant is paid.



Advanced degree in Law or first degree in Law with additional two years of relevant professional experience.

Work Experience:

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The training expert will need to demonstrate skills and competencies in the following areas:

§ 10 years’ professional legal practice and legal advocacy.

§ Hands on experience in law reforms and policy development.

§ Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

§ Prior experience of working with the Puntland State Government or the Federal Government of Somalia the relevant fields desirable.

Language Requirements:

§ Proficiency in written and spoken English.

Other Information:

§ Consultant is expected to use his/her own laptop for the assignment.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their CV along with their application letter via e-mail to [email protected] with reference to “BHJOB2678_903” in the subject line. Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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