Some 5 Compulsory Things To Do If You Want To Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking has been a hot topic and is still one when you happen to visit the different health related forums and sites which are all about helping the needy find answers to their questions. While a number of people are continuously becoming smokers on an everyday basis may be because they don’t know or are illiterate of the smoking dangers involved, the bigger percentage on the other hand is busy looking for those ways to help quit the smoking-habit.

Quitting is something very possible but only when one is committed, determined and willing to do so since failure will mean that one wont be able to stop at least basing on those I have personally witnessed in their bid to do the above.

If you really want to stop the habit not simply to avoid the dangers involved like cancer and others but too to ensure that you are not taken as a bad example to those surrounding you say your wife, husband, children, friends, those who are sick already and others, then this post will show you those compulsory things you should do in order to stop the puffing habit and below we go.

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1. Be committed and determined to stop.

2. Talk to those around you and share how you want to stop. You shouldn’t tell your fellow-smokers.

3. Change your diet. You should eat such foods which makes cigarette smoke smell awkward.

4. Find another activity to do in that time you have been smoking.

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5. Start counting every coin you spent on cigarettes. That will help you know how much you spend and stop.

Once you have done the above, its means that you are ready and now you can set your first foot to stopping. Remember, you wont do it at once or instantly but rather, you can do it starting slow until you feel you are ready to stop. Read here on how those ways which can help you out.

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