Speed Kit Plugin Review! Up To 50-300% WordPress Speed Boost

Wondering how to boost your WordPress site loading speed? No worry, let me introduce to you Speed Kit, the plugin “claims: to boost any WordPress site up to 50-300% lightning-fast loading. Hopeful by the time you go through this entire review, you will be able to come up with a working solution for your slow loading site.

Speed Kit is a WordPress plugin by Baqend which uses Bagend’s Cloud to boost WordPress sites thus making them lightning-fast when it comes to loading. This all is achieved by way of rerouting web pages requests through Baqend’s caching infrastructure thus attaining the fastest speeds.

Speed Kit plugin features

  • Accelerates WordPress sites by 50-300%
  • Enables offline mode automatically
  • Supports over 80% browsers
  • Optimizes images automatically
  • Works for any kind of site size
  • CDN Caching
  • Optimized HTTP/2
  • Back-end Performance
  • Browser Caching
  • Tuned TLS
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Cache Coherence
  • API-based or Periodic Refreshing
  • Cache External Resources
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Improved TCP
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • Dynamic Content Caching
  • Never Unavailable
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)

How to install Speed Kit on WordPress

Step 1: Download and install plugin.

Step 2: Activate plugin.

Step 3: Configure all settings and select app.

Step 4: Click test page speed.

Step 5: Click synchronize website

At this time, Speed Kit must be already activated for your site. You should see an improvement in the site load time across the different devices using test speed’s free online tool. Or even some other website speed testers and load time online.

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Note: Speed Kits works with https enabled sites. If your site is not https, you should enable it by for example using a free https provider like Cloudflare and then changing both your site and WordPress URL’s in your dashboard under settings. Performance data may also take some time in order to display in your settings dashboard.

My findings (Review)

Like you see in the testing image screenshot above, it shows that the site loaded at 4.6 seconds without the plugin and 0.6 seconds with Speed Kit installed and activated. This basically means that the time it takes for the site to load lowers which can the overall user experience.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to increase your WordPress site speed, I suggest you give this plugin a try. Besides, you get up to a full month (30 days) free where you can make a choice to continue or drop the plugin use.

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