Startimes VPN: Expectations vs. Reality

Startimes VPNWith Startimes VPN activated, it is usually expected to be “sure deal” when it comes to accessing restricted TV channels and programs. But, what if reality turns out to be different for example the app detecting network access via virtual private networks ? I have personally encountered this just like many of those I am in contact with share.

Having VPN active on my Android smartphone for social networking access has at many times auto logged me out of Startimes ON app installed on my phone. This is something I didn’t know at first not until of recent when I read the notification of detected virtual network from the app itself.

Searching Mr. Google sir returned a long list of services which “claimed” to bypass such restrictions. However, almost all I tried returned the same error thus failing to watch my favorite TV programming including my factorite Startimes 119 channel, pang xinxing, tiger 007, vision clever, etc.

How Virtual private networks work

From my simple understanding, virtual private networks will route your original network address to a different location other than that provided my ones provider. This means that an Airtel Uganda subscriber will be rounted to USA for example where access to certain services including applications will detected a United States IP address instead of the orignal local IP server.

Why VPN may fail Startimes app to work?

Like we saw above, the private network will assign to you a new IP address different from your original IP. Since Startimes On works basing on location, it is most likely that a wrong IP will make the app think you are trying to access from an unsupported location, a reason you may denied access.

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What if Startimes fails with VPN app activated?

In such a case, the best way to solve this would be using such apps which have networks from Startimes supported locations or countries. This is because the device will be detected as if they are from any of the supported location and thus allowing access to ones favorite TV programmes and channels. You need to choose one which will work as required.

And remember..

  • Startimes app is available free to download from Google play store.
  • This app unlocks many channels which sometimes are unaccessible via decoder.
  • The app has option to allow one change bouquets (migrate from one to another0.
  • The app can be used for both signed in and non signed in users.
  • You are worry free about decoder box set errors when using app.

Note: Signed in members have additional features they enjoy including decoder payments, freebie offers including daily bonus points and etc..

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