StatCounter & Google Webmaster Tools Data – User Has Reached The Maximum Number Of Properties Allowed

User has reached the maximum number of properties allowed is the current error message which users get when they attempt and or try to add statcounter given email address in their Google Webmasters Tools in order to start fetching and importing GWT data automatically. This is because, one can’t get access to the keywords which users use when reaching a site on sessions when they are logged into their Google accounts.

And for the above, Statcounter requires one to grant them permission to their Google Webmasters Tools accounts by way of adding the user given email address and as a restricted user. This is good since it allows and gives permission statcounter access your website or Blog stats and traffic keywords at glance without the need to manually log into your GWT account like you can see in this post explained.

Like you see in the image screenshot below, many of the different Blogs and websites are accessed when users are logged in. This means that unless one has access to the Webmasters tools, and which is what statcounter tries to do when they ask one to grant them permission to the Google account (restricted).

statcountrer gwt data keywords for your blog

The error of User has reached the maximum number of properties allowed..

When Statcounter had just started this automatic fetch of Google data, I must admit that things were good and ran smooth for as long as one followed the set up procedures as linked in the above post. But as time went on and many users did this, there reached a limit and which is set by Google.

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And as far as I know, the limit is only 1000 properties per user, and which is very less when compared with the number of users who are connected to Statcounter. This is why every time one tries to add a site, there is that error of “User has reached the maximum number of properties allowed” and which many seem not to understand.

The fact is that even at statcounter forums where this same error has been reported (..), there is not any helpful information as one member says – and in fact a forum moderator as seen below in image. To me, this means that unless statcounter does something, we may not be able to still see this GWT data in their stats dashboard. Even the old keywords are no longer fetched and so forth. Over to them..

statcountrer gwt data keywords for your blog forum report

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