Stop Auto Media Whatsapp Download On Android / iPhone – How To Prevent Audio / Photos / Videos & Save Data Usage

Auto media Whatsapp download Find out how to prevent automatic whatsapp download of all images, videos, media, audio, pictures, photos and etc every time they are sent to you in chat from a single person or even in a group. Learning this will help you save data and bandwidth on your Android or iPhone smartphone, and which will help you reduce on the overall total costs you incur on your bill as a result of whatsapp usage. This same article will help you learn how to stop whatsapp from saving picture on Android and photos on iPhone.

As you may know, saving at all costs is the dream of every one. This applies too when it comes to social network usage. Why not start views only the kind of picture, images, audio, videos and or photos you only wish to? This not only helps you save money and date but rather, stops and prevents you from seeing those media’s which may not be fit for you, and a reason you need to know how to stop whatsapp download.

For example, I am in very many Whatsapp chat groups. But guess what, all of these tend to flood with many videos, images, photos and pictures where some of them have no use on my side. Therefore, using this same tip and trick am sharing has helped me a lot when it comes to preventing whatsapp download on my device. And besides, I can save the overall bandwidth, and storage space on my phone internal memory or on the memory card.

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Stop Auto Whatsapp download of media on Android and iPhone

In order to stop and or prevent whatsapp download of media, photos, videos and audio or pictures, follow the different procedure and steps below.

1. Launch or run Whatsapp application on your mobile device or Android / iPhone smartphone.
2. Tap menu, select settings, chats and calls and then tap media auto download.
3. Tap on When using mobile data or when connected to WiFi, your choice.
4. Tick or un-tick box next to the media type eg Images, Audio, Videos and hit okay.
Your new preference will be set and you will be ready to use your device the way you want without consuming any more data and or auto downloading what you don’t want to.

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