Joan Lule’s Taasa Amakaago On Bukedde TV Very Helpful

Joan Lule Bukedde TV Taasa Amakaago Joan Lule is the iron lady behind Taasa Amakaago, one of the most loved, and popular television programs aired on Bukedde TV Uganda. And to be honest, only a few of Ugandan’s who own televisions either running on Digital decoders and or the free to air decoders will miss this show which goes live every Saturday night just after the famous Agataliko nfuufu 10 pm news.

Based on live programing as things happen, Taasa Amakaago on Bukedde TV digs deeper right from how it all begun, to how it is right now. Joan Lule helps people find out the truth and facts when it comes to issues surrounding families mainly, and many other known problems for example, the need to know whether one is the biological father of the kids in question, and which is proven after the DNA tests at the end of it all.

When Taasa Amakaago was first programmed, people never believed whatever they could see. But as time went on, many proven Joan Lule to be an “iron lady”, basing on the fact that she will attempt and try to find the exact truth on the task she is assigned to do by the one who approached him. Leave alone the defunct Kalondozi show on ABS TV by Aisha which was all about the cheaters through ways of tracking them without their knowledge, this by Joan is totally different and has proven to be worth basing on the time it has been live on Industrial areas based station Bukedde TV by Vision group.

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Taasa Amakaago to me is a program which is best as it is suitable for both of all ages. Women will lie about the real fathers of their babies well as in the end, the truth can always be discovered. This show has very many of its popular programs both in the ended 2015, and in this new started year 2016.

Searching for keyword “Taasa Amakaago” on a site like YouTube will bring a number of aired and previous videos as they happened and live by Joan. If you never know about it, oh its high time you get to check it out and see where you fall. Today may be another, but tomorrow may be you.

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