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Learn how to perform simple diys like hard reset, soft reset, factory restore, repair, flash and update your mobile phones. Find all required tools and how to use them to fix your own Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, etc devices

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These 15 Will Boost Your Phone Repair Business

If you are into mobile hardware or software repairing, you definately needs tools which will perform all associoated tasks as expected. Knowing and understanding which ones are the best depending on the different faults...

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[SOLVED] USB OTG Function on Samsung Grand Prime

Wondering whether Samsung Grand Prime does support USB On-The-Go function? How about how to go about enabling and using this feature? In this article, I share with you something about the Samsung Grand Prime...

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Best 10 FRP Bypass Tools / APK’s for Android

FRP stands for Factory reset protection, a feature available in Google Android operating system smartphone which prohibits unauthorized phone soft and hard resetting. Once one successfully resets the mobile device, without knowing the previous...

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How To Hard Reset Kyocera E6560 Android

This guide is all about how to hard reset Kyocera DuraForce and all other models including E6560, C6745, C6743, C6742A, Hydro wave, Hydro Rich and others not mentioned here. If by any chance you...