Tecno Boom J8 Vs Tecno Boom J7 Features Compared

Tecno_Boom_J7_vs_Tecno_Boom_J8 Telling the difference between two similar devices in a bid to select one as a choice can sometimes a hard experience more especially when one isn’t well informed about either. This applies to the Tecno Boom J8 and [[[Boom J7]]], as many buyers end up mistaking one for the other on many occasions. While these mobile devices seem to look alike, the only difference isn’t all about the type “J8 and J7” as many think.

If you have been searching for the truth about these two, missing this post will be a mistake. You know why? The answer is simple, inside this review are the different [[[Tecno Boom J8]]] and Boom J7 specifications, features, cons, pros, where to buy and pricing in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda, India and etc. All you need is to take time, read and know what you have been wanting to know.

What makes the Tecno Boom J8 Unique

By looking at the different features highlighted above, you will understand that this device is more than an ordinary mobile. It supports both GSM, WDCMA and LTE bands which helps you stay connected no matter where you are, in addition to giving you access to faster speeds when browsing, downloading or even uploading. LTE is super faster as all know it while at the same time, WCDMA will take on when necessary.

The other interesting feature is about Music. Yes, Boom as it sounds means better sound with best audio quality. If you are a music fan, you wont be amazed that this device will offer you all the best and to maximum. Just imagine, the Lenovo am using to write this post has 2GB RAM. And this smartphone has up to 16GB ROM plus 2GB RAM. You can’t imagine what speeds your device will use when processing tasks, and of course, it will be greater when combined with the HiOS (Based on Android 5.1) operating system with Quad-core processor.

Wi-Fi, BT and GPS means easy access to other devices in addition to easy navigations using the GPS service. The 3000mAh gives you long hours of talktime without worry to charge. Yes, be taking photos using the quality front and back camera, listening to music, watching videos on YouTube and etc, this battery is stronger and cable. For other features, look at them closely and see what you will get. Full review of Boom J8>>>..

What makes the Tecno Boom J7 Unique

Unlike Boom J8 above, this one features a [[[2020mAh battery]]] which too works longer basing on other device features. It comes with an 8.0MP AF back camera with Flash, thus giving you chances of even taking photos and recording videos at night leave alone using the torch function, and the 2.0MP front camera.

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It runs on Android 4.4, Kitkat, which is known for its performance when compared with the old versions. Additionally, this device is 1.3GHz Quad-core, 16GB ROM and has 1GB RAM, which is enough when it comes to allowing you handle multiple processes when compared to older versions and types of Tecno mobiles. Full review of Boom J7>>>..

Tecno Boom J8 and Boom J7 pricing and where to buy

Uganda – J8 at UGX 499,000 and J7 at UGX 440000
Kenya – KES 12499 J7 and KES 14261 J8
Nigeria – N54,000
Tanzania – N/A
Rwanda – N/A

Buying at a discounted rate is what many of us wish for. But the question remains where to buy and at what prices? In Uganda, you get the J8 at UGX 499,000, while the J7 goes for UGX 440000. Finding the best deal will be determined by a number of factors including availability, where you are buying from, and the current exchange rates. For other countries, convert the currencies above into your country currency and find a relative rate.

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