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Organization: Alternative Asean Network on Burma
Country: Thailand
Closing date: 01 Dec 2015


The preferred starting date for this position is December 1, 2015.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Altsean-Burma (the Alternative Asean Network on Burma) a Bangkok-based human rights group, works with a broad range of people from Southeast Asia and beyond, to promote the cause of human rights and democracy in Burma. We have become known for our campaign and advocacy activities, our publications, and our training programs.

We are looking for a multi-skilled woman to join the training team as an intern for twelve (12) months (or more), carrying out the duties listed below while maintaining a sense of humor. Women candidates who have experience volunteering or working in the Burma movement or other human rights movements will be at an advantage (many of our trainees are women who have survived or been exposed to serious human rights violations). Applicants from Burma are encouraged to apply.

This position will give the successful applicant the opportunity to contribute directly to the capacity of women and youth activists who work in challenging conditions for human rights in Burma. This position will suit an individual who is highly efficient; comfortable working in close collaboration with a team of diverse people, willing to work long hours and able to observe the strict discipline and security protocols of the office.

The Altsean team is comprised of the Coordinator (delivers several off-site training workshops and participates in key decision-making concerning design and implementation of programs), two Trainers, three Researchers, the Accountability Officer, and two Administrative staff (who assist the training team with management, logistics, risk assessment and accounts support). The successful applicant may be offered a fulltime position, subject to work performance and funding.

Women of Burma Internship Program (intensive 5-month in-house program for 6 women from diverse organizations in Burma)

  1. Develop, review and update the curriculum, training materials and lesson plans for the Women of Burma Internship program, as directed by the Training Officer and Coordinator. This work will require research and writing modules on a range of topics.
  2. Deliver classes and facilitate workshops for the Burmese women interns on a range of topics. Subjects include human/women’s rights, office and project management, problem solving, Burma issues, health, intercultural issues, politics and general knowledge etc. Specific assignments will depend on the successful applicant’s level of knowledge and confidence.
  3. Other duties relevant to the Women of Burma Internship and Alumni program which includes:
    i. Correction of interns’ homework and assignments.
    ii. Implementation of Burmese women interns’ outings in compliance with security protocols.
    iii. Recruitment of new Women of Burma interns including review of application forms and participation in interviews.
    iv. Implementation of the Altsean-Burma Intern Alumni Program including follow-up contact and activities.

* Duration of 12 months, 9 months minimum. The successful applicant may be offered a fulltime position, subject to work performance, team dynamics and funding.
* Minimum of 40 working hours per week, excluding public holidays. The training intern is required to be on call two weekends per month.
* 10 working days annual leave per 12 months or pro-rata equivalent
* A three-month probationary period applies
* Monthly allowance of 11,000 Thai baht.
* Supporting documents will be provided to enable application for a non-immigrant visa before arriving at Altsean. The training intern is expected to cover their initial visa-related expenses to Thailand.
* Reimbursement of up to 10,000 Thai baht every three months for visa-related expenses, after the intern has begun employment at Altsean.
* Accommodation in a furnished room at the office or at an apartment used for security storage, depending on availability of either option.
* Most meals at the office on workdays.

After satisfactory completion of their probation and their review meeting, interns will:
i. Be called “Researcher” or “Trainer” as appropriate.
ii. Receive a monthly living allowance of Thai Baht 11,000 and a monthly visa allowance of Thai Baht 12,000 on a cash-in-hand basis. They will be henceforth be responsible for their own accommodation and visa expenses.
iii. Receive a monthly health allowance of Thai Baht 500 (subject to production of receipts for allowed expenditure – medical, dental, medicines, vitamins, contraception, and therapeutic massage). Unused health allowance can accumulate and be claimed for larger bills incurred.
iv. Be added to the office group insurance.

The intern should cover their own travel to and from Thailand to take up this internship. This position may involve travel to conduct or assist with trainings on location along the Thai Burma border and potentially in other nearby countries. In such situations, Altsean-Burma will take care of logistics and expenses per the Staff Manual.
Respect for and adherence to the security precautions of the Altsean-Burma Secretariat is essential. The Secretariat team is made up of people from a broad range of backgrounds; therefore cultural sensitivity is a priority. The Altsean-Burma Secretariat is a non-smoking workplace.

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How to apply:

Interested individuals should apply by email at [email protected] quoting the reference code INT/TRAIN in the subject line.
The application must include:
* A duly filled Application Form (available on our website:; please scroll to the bottom of the page)
* A complete résumé / CV.

Applications submitted in any other format will not be considered. Short-listed candidates may be required to submit written responses to scenarios provided by Altsean-Burma prior to the interview.

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