Thailand: Consultancy: Improving Immunization Supply Chain and Immunization Equity Meeting

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Organization: UN Children's Fund
Country: Thailand
Closing date: 17 Sep 2015

The Young Child Survival and Development (YCSD) section, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office is seeking an individual consultant to assist the Health Section for a meeting on Improving Immunization Supply Chain and Immunization Equity, to be organized on 26-29 October 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. The role is to conduct data analysis, prepare for and facilitate the concerned meeting, and draft required documents including discussion summaries and a meeting report.

Work Assignment:

Prior to the meeting

1) To assist in conducting data analysis and drafting country profiles focusing on the areas of immunization supply chain and coverage & equity;

2) To design group work assignments including detailed instructions;

3) To assist in drafting other documents required in the course of meeting preparation.

During the meeting

4) To assist in facilitating various sessions in the meeting, including plenary discussions and group work;

5) To summarize key discussion points (including action points) per session within the same day of discussions;

6) To assist in organizing facilitators meeting on daily basis and resolving management gaps identified in the course of meeting.

After completing the meeting

7) To draft a meeting report including action points agreed during the meeting;

8) To recommend if/what adjustments may be needed in UNICEF’s future immunization programmes in the EAP region.

Work Schedule:

Main Tasks

Preparation prior to the meeting

Task Details

  1. Conduct data analysis;
  2. Design group work assignments;
  3. Draft other documents required.


  1. Draft country profiles;
  2. Group work assignment instructions;
  3. Other documents when required.

Due date

By 16 October 2015

Main Tasks

Facilitation during the meeting

Task Details

  1. Facilitate discussions and group work;
  2. Summarize discussions;
  3. Organize facilitators meetings.


Session summaries

Due date

25-29 October 2015

Main Tasks

Wrap up the meeting

Task Details

  1. Draft meeting report;
  2. Provide recommendations to EPARO.


  1. A meeting report including action points;
  2. Written recommendations to EPARO.

Due date

By 13 November 2015

The concerned consultant is expected to

1) Complete assignment at home setting except physical presence in the concerned meeting on 25-29 October 2015;

2) Attend the concerned meeting on 25-29 October 2015.

Summary table on expected work days

Timing:Prior to the meeting

Work hours/days:80 hours (10 days)

Place:Home setting

Timing:During the meeting

Work hours/days:5 days


Timing:Post meeting

Work hours/days:40 Hours (5 days)

Place:Home setting

End Product(s):

The consultant is required to submit the following documents:

1) Prior to the meeting:

a. Draft country profiles (for 13 East Asian) and suggestions on future data collection and analysis;

b. Instructions for group work assignments;

c. Other documents drafted based on requirements from EAPRO;

2) During the meeting:

a. Session summaries;

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3) After the meeting

a. A draft meeting report including action points agreed during the meeting;

b. Written recommendations to EAPRO on UNICEF’s future immunization programmes

Estimated Duration of Contract:Total expected number of working days is 20 over the duration of the contract, between 21 September to 13 November 2015 (15 days in home settings and 5 days in a mission to Bangkok).

Official Travel:The consultant will work at his/her own premises and will also travel to Bangkok.

Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:

1) Advance Degree in science, medicine, or public health;

2) At least 10-year experience in Immunization, with demonstrated expertise in the areas concerned (immunization supply chain management, immunization equity);

3) Demonstrated skills in data analysis and writing (publications or technical documents should be provided during application);

4) Strong interpersonal communication skills;

5) Working experiences in EAP countries preferred.

How to apply:

Application process: Interested applicants are requested to submit Application Package and Expression of Interest by 17 September 2015 to email: [email protected] detailing:

  1. Qualification and technical capacity (CV/P-11)
  2. Relevant work experience for undertaking this assignment
  3. A detailed work plan (outlining milestones with timeframe)
  4. Financial proposal: Daily professional fee in USD and all-inclusive travel cost and other incidentals to/from Bangkok. Please note the air tickets under UNICEF contract shall be re-routable, refundable type (economy class and most direct route). The consultant will be responsible for own travel insurance, visa fee and terminal expenses.

Only short listed candidates will be notified.

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