The 10 Latest Interesting Science Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

interesting science articlesHere are the 10 latest interesting science articles and stories you shouldn’t miss out. Science helps us uncover the covered and also allows us know details of certain things we would never know without it.

If you love exploring, then these 10 science articles are very interesting. I went through all of them and added them on this list so you get access. From Mars to earth and etc, you’ll like them.

1. If You’re On the Moon, Does the Earth Appear to Go Through Phases?
Sweet view of Earth from the moon.
Credit: Shutterstock

If you lived on the moon, you’d have to give up lots of things you take for granted on Earth. The feeling of your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your ability to breathe outside without a helmet. And your night-sky view.

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2. Easy-to-make thermal chameleon fades into the background


Chameleons, unlike bowties, are cool. The chameleon is most famous for its ability to blend with its surroundings (I’m just as impressed with the acrobatic tongue), something we’d often like to do ourselves. Doing something similar with heat would be exciting. Imagine a camouflage suit that blended in with its background in both the visible and the infrared.

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3. Researchers verify 70-year-old theory of turbulence in fluids
turbulence in fluids

A collaboration between researchers at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and University of Queensland, Australia, set out to learn more about the everyday enigma of turbulence by using the remarkable properties of superfluids, strange quantum fluids able to flow endlessly without any friction.

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4. Solar Eclipse 2020 in Chile: Chasing Totality in the Atacama Desert
Solar Eclipse 2020 in Chile

On the day of the eclipse, I’ll be making the 90-mile (150 kilometers) drive up from La Serena, Chile to the La Silla Observatory, the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) oldest telescope facility, where thousands of visitors will congregate to watch the moon cross in front of the sun.

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5. NASA engineers install robotic arm on Mars 2020 rover
nasa dna alien life search hachimoji space news 1091314 a2hjmd

Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, have installed the main robotic arm on the Mars 2020 rover, according to a recent JPL release. The main arm includes five electrical motors and five joints, known as the shoulder azimuth joint, shoulder elevation joint, elbow joint, wrist joint and turret joint.

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6. Map of Mars: The Geology of the Red Planet
Map of Mars: The Geology of the Red Planet

On Mars, we see volcanoes, canyons, and impact basins much like the ones on Earth. The yellows scattered across the map indicate meteor impacts of varying size while the swaths of red indicate volcanoes and their associated lava flows. The varying colors of brown indicate the cratered highlands and midlands that make up most of the southern hemisphere.

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7. Ancient crocodiles were vegan, new research suggests
Ancient Crocodile
Source: Getty

New research published in Current Biology provides more evidence that the ancient group in which modern reptiles descended from, known as crocodyliforms, adapted both omnivorous and herbivorous diets. The authors of the paper, University of Utah grad student Keegan Melstrom and Natural History Museum of Utah Chief Curator Randall Irmis, reached this conclusion after conducting a thorough analysis of fossilized crocodyliform teeth science.

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8. Methane mystery: Curiosity detects highest ever levels of methane on Mars
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Now, Curiosity has detected the highest yet levels of methane at 21 parts per billion units by volume using its Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) tunable laser spectrometer.

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9. Celebrate the Promise of Planetary Defense This Asteroid Day
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The quest to protect Earth from threatening asteroids is about to get a boost, as “an absolute flood of new observations” comes from a new telescope designed to scan the sky, says Ed Lu, co-founder of the B612 Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to planetary defense.

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10. More Than 50 New Lakes Were Just Discovered Beneath The Greenland Ice Sheet
Greenland Ice Sheet
Credit: Winnie Chu, Stanford University

Subglacial lakes are some of the least explored and most important natural features on Earth. We have also vastly underestimated their prevalence and impact.

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