The 3 Quick Ways On How To Apply And Have Your Google Adsense Publisher Application Approved Fast

You know it well that having a Google Adsense account or being approved to become a Google Adsense Publisher is making money not so? Well if you never knew of this, then I guess its time for you to continue reading this. Google Adsense is a product and service of Google which allows Webmasters and other content writers who are affiliated to content sharing sites like Hubpages or even the question and answer sites like Webanswers, to make money by displaying Google Adwords Ads on their pages or sites. The whole process works in such a way that Webmasters are requested to make applications for becoming Adsense publishers and in case one meets the Google set requirements of both the site including the contents and too the issue of the age limit, then one can be entered into the Google Adsense Publisher program and which means making money.

How Does One Make Money As An Adsense Publisher?
Making money as an Adsense publisher is simple and involved the Webmaster or the content owner to place the Ads on his pages and every time an Advert is viewed or clicked basing on whether the Advertiser pays per click or per view, the publisher earns money as a result but only on those clicks and views which are considered as legitimate and it is assumed that the higher the traffic to your ones contents or site, the higher the impressions and views, which means higher chances of earning money as a result.

And How Do You Get To Apply For An Adsense Account And Have It Approved?
Applying for a Google Adsense account is something which is very simple although, it may vary depending on which option you are using and just like below, each way has its own application option although the main way is for you to visit

Ways To Have Your Adsense Account Approved Faster

1. Content Sharing Sites – On content sharing sites like Hub-pages, you know how it takes to have an article published and featured not so? True, such sites put much emphasis on quality rather than quantity and which means that if you can be able to write, publish and have at least 10 unique articles published and featured, then that is a green light to having your Adsense application approved. Such sites have what is known as the Google Adsense API, a tool which allows their members to apply for Adsense through those sites basing on their articles. All you need to do is to follow the apply option and within a few days once your account is reviewed by the Google team, you will be entered into the Adsense publisher program.

2. Your Own Website – If you do own a Blog or Website, then you need to focus on providing your users with the best, quality and unique contents so as to make them make returns to your site in addition to referring other users and linking to your site simply because you got and do offer them what they need. Remember, content is king in the eyes of Google and the better the contents you have on your site, the higher your chances of having your Adsense application accepted. You can try and write at least 10 – 15 articles which are unique and of high quality, make sure that you optimize your site well in search engines so as to get a good traffic number and then apply using link You should make sure that you don’t put copied contents from other sites on your since Google knows where each line does belong.

3. Question and Answer sites – Just like how the content revenue sharing sites as mentioned in 1 above work, the same applies to the Question and Answers revenue sharing sites like Webanswers. On such sites, a member is allowed to create an account for free, participate in answering questions and the moment one answers the minimum required number of questions for example 50 question on Webanswers, then the Adsense application button is unlocked which means that one can be able to apply for an Adsense account and get approved faster. A few things to note include avoiding posting single lined answers or answers which are in low length and although it can take you some time, you need to make sure that at least all your answers must be 300 – 400 words minimum as that increases your chances of having your Adsense account approved and remember, content is quality in the eyes of the Giant Google.


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