The Demand Of PPL – Perl Programming Language

PPL or Perl Programming Language which is also known as Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is a dynamic programming language that is known for its straightforwardness. It was developed in 1987 by Larry Wall as a general-purpose language for scripting in Unix. It was aimed at simplifying report processing. As a scripting language it is quite well respected and is used for various purposes.

Since it can be applied to carry out a variety of tasks, the demand for its use has increased. The programmers can utilize this language in creating corresponding DOS batch files or develop CGI scripts for web development. It should be noted that in respect to web development, its use is restricted to developing CGI scripts. And below here are some of the reasons why Perl is being used widely.

Easy to learn – The source codes for the programs being developed with Perl is given away by people who are using this language. As a result those who are interested in learning it can refer to the examples for the same. Moreover, these are also downloadable as well as can be modified for personal use. However, the disadvantage of Perl is that since it is a free code, most of it is difficult to comprehend. It results in a cryptic style.

Working with Perl is fun – Writing code for Perl is quite rewarding as well as fun. The usual idiosyncrasies associated with passing a context, memory allocation, inconvenient data regarding complex data structure, etc can be avoided. As a result the codes are brief as well as effective. Similarly, there are a number of DWIM that ensure simple programming. With a little help the codes developed can be made portable across every UNIX as well as Windows and other platforms. It is extensively documented. Hence, interactive answers for questions related to online chats, mailing lists and web forums are available.

Open Source – It is an open source and free software that can be used for almost anything. Right from in-house software, non-open source commercial software, web software, etc – it can be used in all these and more.

Useful for diverse tasks – This is one of its USPs. Perl has been used for diverse tasks successfully that includes system administration, web automation, text processing, web programming, code generation, GUI programming, bio-informatics, games programming, number crunching, code generation, etymological research and to ensure quality.

Quick and easy to write – As far as Perl 5 is considered it has borrowed features from some of the key programming paradigms. Moreover, it has implemented these features in a consistent manner. Being a dynamic language it supports Aspect Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Programming and several such latest features to make sure that the codes can be written quickly in order to complete the task at hand. Therefore, it has proved to be a powerful as well as influential language in the contemporary period. If one is well acquainted with Perl, there will be no issues in picking up Java, Python, Ruby or .NET. It is also considered as a fundamental for learning C++ and ANSI C. Additionally it also helps in improving the code writing in various languages.

Reusing the codes – Comprehensive Perl Archive Network refers to a useful collection of reusable Perl web development modules that are available with open source licenses. Thus, these can be used as libraries in order to facilitate code writing. What the programmers can do is look for a CPAN search or ask someone else for a recommendation instead of writing the code for themselves.

Write maintainable programs – The codes written using this code are actually elegant, maintainable and readable. Owing to the varied features, the programs written with it are short and this is the reason why people use it most of the times. However, this can also be used to write large scale maintainable programs.

While there are several benefits of Perl but it cannot be overlooked that it does has some problems. Even today it is recognized as one of the finest solutions to write system administration scripts in a large class. In fact, by utilizing Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, one can get over with the job quickly and more easily as compared to the other languages. At the same time it also must be admitted that Perl is not meant for everyone. Therefore, while there is a demand for this scripting language but it might be limited as well. Mindfire Solutions is one place you can find Perl application development services which you can try out for your web development needs in India as an example.

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