The Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer

There is a great difference between a web designer and a web developer. Following is a detailed difference between the two and their duties. This way, the next time you go out to hire someone you will know exactly what experienced you require.

Web Designer

As the name suggests, a web designer designs the webpage. The job of a web designer is to make sure that your website looks as fantastic as it can. A web designer works almost like a graphic designer does. He needs to have a certain set of skills so that he can program the design changes he wishes to make. These experts use relevant software’s to carry out their job as perfectly as possible. They ensure that by the time they are done designing the website it looks professional and brands your business, company or product in the most appealing and professional manner possible. The job of a web designer is to creatively, innovatively and imaginatively give birth to your ideas through your website. They are the creative head behind a wonderful and different webpage. Their job is to know enough of the HTML language that they can conveniently and effectively bring about the visual and aesthetic changes in the website.

If you see a bakery’s website with mini cupcakes in the back and fancy boxes with text in it, these are all ideas and images inserted in the website by the web design. He is the one who creates a unique look for the page. Initially, the main purpose of a web designer was to design a webpage and that was that. However, with time and the demand of such designers, even they have established a certain level of understanding of the language. This way they can change the design whenever you want them to.

Web Developer

On the other hand, the job of a web developer is to develop the website. This particular expert is very different from a designer. In the sense that neither can do the other’s job since both require a certain set of skills, background, education and experience. Just as the web designer ensures that your website must look excellent, a web developer ensures that it functions without fault. The entire technicality that goes into making a website is in the hands of a web developer. They barely know much about making the website look appealing. Their job is to ensure the website does not jam up when your user tries to open a link from within.

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A web designer can be seen as the actor on stage and the developer as the director working backstage. They require a more detailed knowledge and experience of the HTML language since their job requires them to work only or mostly with it. They are also in charge in ensuring that your website is as basically or complexly displayed to the user as you please.

Therefore, know what you need to get done and then contact the desired person. Both of the above are essentially useful and cannot give birth to a website without the other.

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