The Ford Mustang 2016 – Shelby GT350 Vs 2.3L EcoBoost Vs 5.0L V8 Vs 3.7L V6 – Things I Like

Ford Mustang Ford Mustang is one of those sporty cars every driver would want to drive in life. And as seen in the news, online and on the different sites, the Mustang 2016 has been reviewed as one other best, top and popular cars among those we have seen. In this post, I have listed the different features, those which I personally love about the Ford Mustang 2016 including Shelby GT350 vs 2.3L EcoBoost vs 5.0L V8 vs 3.7L V6. How about if you keep reading so as to explore more with regard.

Talk about beauty, cruising, performance, crank kicks, pulse-raising torque, legendary roar, standard and etc, these ford made automotives have it all. One big thing, check the kids on [walmart Walmart]. You can gift your kid and see how happy he or she will be. I personally love such which can do all I need, and a reason this choice is no mistake.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350®


“Its a 5.2L V8 with flat-plane crank, 526 hp and 429 lb.-ft. of torque, 3.73 TORSEN® limited-slip differential and MagneRide™ suspension. I really love these features just like its said, the legacy returns with adrenaline-pumping performance”

The Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost

Ford-Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost

“It has a marvel of power and efficiency with 310 horsepower and 320 lb.-ft. of torque. This is greater on my side.”

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The Ford Mustang 5.0L V8


“>Many refer to this Mustang GT as the stuff of legends. It’s 435 horsepower, 400 lb.-ft. of torque, Electronic Line-Lock and Launch control. Nothing I can add on here.”

The Ford Mustang 3.7L V6

Ford-Mustang 3.7L V6

“This is loved for it strikes an ideal balance of power, displacement and efficiency. Its 300 horsepower, 280 lb.-ft. of torque and EPA-estimated 19 city/28 hwy/22 combined mpg. What do you say?”

Overall features I love about all the 4 Ford Mustangs above

Precise handling and control, Selectable Drive Modes and SYNC. You can make a call, do automatic phone book download, create dozen car saving profile, choose from four settings: normal, snow/wet, sport and track and many others.

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