The Free eBook Which Predicted The Rise Of ISIL – Conflicts In Ukraine/Yemen/Others

If you love to read, you need to check out the many free ebooks available from Geoff Wolak. Stories, novels, series, and some great information for those who are just starting out with their writing adventure – all of this and more is waiting for you when you visit Fast readers, who go through material more quickly than they would actually like to sometimes, are always looking for new authors and new adventures to enjoy through the written word. These avid readers will completely enjoy Geoff’s site and all the political and history ebooks and stories he has available.

There is also a great time travel series called Magestic. This series has over 1.2 million words – and let’s just say that is a lot of words. Although counts vary, the average novel normally contains between 50,000 and 120,000 words, so Geoff’s Magestic series is really about 12 novel-length books that take you on an art-imitating-life hop through a 4-decade timespan to try and fix the world before calamity strikes in the future.

In this series, you’ll recognize a couple of themes that match up to our modern-day world like the Greek economic collapse, and the ascent of Muslim radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood. It is almost eerie how true to life the series has become, even though it started well before the events we see on our TVs now.

Political intrigue, helping the needy, a bit of sci-fi, a dash of romance and fighting the good fight are themes that appeal to many readers, and the Magestic series does not disappoint. Since it is also a long series, having been written over a six year span, it is very satisfying for those who love extended stories.

For those who love spy stories, Geoff has the K2 book series that stacks groups on top of secrets covered with lies where not one character is who they seem. Banking, commercial espionage, British Intelligence along with sister agencies like the CIA and Mossad – all spiced with terror threats, action and a little humor sprinkled throughout make for an engaging set of stories that pack a punch.

The Drake and Canuck books are great reads in the spy/intelligence genre that have lots of action and intrigue as well as some intricate twists and turns. Readers always appreciate a story where they can’t quite determine the end game, or get a really nasty (read: delicious) surprise just when they think they have it all figured out. These books from Geoff Wolak are exactly that type of page-turner, figuratively speaking since we’re talking ebooks here, which we all enjoy. Once you get started on Geoff’s books, it is hard to stop – and what is more wonderful is that you don’t have to.

Geoff resides in Cardiff, Wales when he isn’t traveling all around. He loves to write and edit books or other written projects as well as helping budding writers and providing critiques for other novels. He invites interaction with those who wish to add serious-minded commentary on his books, and also those who would like to edit his work on a volunteer basis. Contact Geoff by email via [email protected]

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Article by Geoff Wolak , a British writer of fiction, espionage, politics and history, and offers numerous eBooks to his wide readership, most of which are free to download in PDF, RTF, mobi or ePUB formats. He can also be contacted via email.

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