The Possibily Of Hosting A Single Website On 2 Different Host Servers

Hosting a single website on 2 different hosting servers is something which to many looks like a dream come true just like I have always known. When a website is hosted on two servers, it means less downtimes where by when host A is overload, then host B is will take over. I have read so many posts and articles with regard with all of them requiring one to use some the R option and which involves spending some money and using a professional to do that work for you. You must be knowing it well that so many folks out there use free hosting services, something which means that they cannot afforfd to pay for the R service or even to hire a professional to do that and that is why in this article, I am sharing with you the possibility of having your website hosted on more than one web host regardless of the hosting platform you use for example a free host and or a paid one.

Disclaimer: What I am sharing is something I tested myself on my own undeveloped but registered domain website since I am using it as a case study for the different web related services. This means that the option may work or not work for you and I would strongly advice and recommend that you first test what you will discover below on some other site which can be a free website and free hosting other than your already developed site and once you prove how everything works and how you can do it, then you may consider applying changes on your own site.

The process of having your website hosted on two different hosts is simple and it takes a few minutes to get started just like you see below.

1. Register your domain name and point its nameservers to hosting provider A. Or you can simply change the namsevers of your already existing domain.

2. Upload your favorite CMS for example WordPress on Host A (cPanel) and add all of your contents.

3. Register the same domain name on Host A on hosting provider B and use an FTP service to upload the same CMS, contents, themes and everything as they are on Host A.

4. Once you are done, log in to your domain cPanel and add Host B nameservers and wait for Host B to propergate. Please note that depending on your domain provider, some offer only 4 nameserver spaces while others offer unlimited spaces.

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5. Make sure that you copy the folder which contains your articles on Host A and replace the one on Host B so that your website has matching contents.

Your website will be hosted on two hosting providers by the time Host B is fully propergated. The only problem comes when its time to post a new post where by you need to upload your new post on Host B using FTP.

Note: This option is switable for Websites which are static. You will no longer have issues related to CPU Usage exceeded, database connection errors, server loaded and others. Its all about trying and discovering. If you have any other idea, then you are free to share with us using the comment form or sign up and post your article on this site as a contributor.

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