The Top 13 Internet Web Browsers You Must Try Out

A web browser is a software application which is used to serve purposes like displaying web pages on your computer, retrieving, presenting and traversing in addition to enabling computers users to locate and access web pages. You own a computer right? Or even you happen to be one of those who use a friends computer and or go to the internet cafe for your surfing needs… Well, for whatever computer you happen to use be your own or another persons, this applies to any. Through my internet touring experience, I have come to know about 13 powerful and good internet browsers which as a must, you need to try out so that you can compare how they function as compared to what you take to be your favorite one.

In a few minutes to come, you will find out the Top 13 Web Browsers you must use and here we go.

1. Avant Browser – A Tri-Core Rendering Engine built browser.

2. Mozilla Firebird or Phoenix as many know it – a cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

3. Mozilla Firefox – A free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation and hundreds of volunteers.

4. Flock – A web browser that specialized in providing social networking and Web 2.0 facilities built into its user interface.

5. Google Chrome – A browser built on WebKit layout engine. Known to be faster and efficient when it comes to surfing.

6. Internet Explore – A web browser made by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems.

7. Maxthon – A freeware browser and which can be downloaded for free on the different sites where it is located.

8. Mozilla Suite – A free, cross-platform internet suite, whose components include a web browser, an e-mail and news client, an HTML editor.

9. Netscape – A navigator centered browser.

10. Opera – You know it well. For all your surfing and downloading purposes in addition to the ability to install extensions and feed fetching.

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11. Safari – A web browser developed by Apple Inc and well known to offer the endless surfing needs.

12. SeaMonkey – A free, open source, and cross-platform Internet suite that is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite.

13. Slim Browser – A tabbed multiple-site browser. It incorporates a large collection of powerful features like built-in popup killer, skinned window frame.

The next time you are looking for the best internet browser, you need to first try out the above listed since they are proved to be great and each with a different serving purpose as compared to the other.

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