The Unforgettable Sydney Experience – One Of My Best Tour

Not many people think of Down Under when they plan on their vacation, because it seems so far away, but as it turns out, one of the smallest continents, and the area around one of its most famous cities has a lot to offer. From the wavy coast, across the Sydney rush, to descending mountains, it truly has it all.

Cruising the Harbor – From climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, for a unique experience and one of the most amazing views f Sydney, to go cruising down the harbor all the way to the most famous Opera House, known as one the wonders of modern architecture, and see it both from the outside, as well as inside.

See it from the Tower Eye – Sydney Harbor bridge might be the most famous one, but what you absolutely cannot miss is the view from the Sydney Tower Eye, located in the hearth of the city itself. From the observation deck you will be able to see everything Sydney has to offer, from the harbor and the opera, all the way to Blue Mountains, and if you decide to have a Skywalk experience, you will be as high as the Eifel Tower reaches. So plan one evening around this tour, as the sunset cannot be missed, because you will be able to see the sun diving into the see while the city lights are gradually taking their turn.

Freeing Willy – You know that Sydney is right there on the coast, but what you might never guess is that it is one of the best places in the world to go to if you wish to encounter some of the biggest whales there are. They are usually seen from May to November, during their migratory season, so pick out a high spot, on a cliff or anywhere on the coast, be patient, soon you will see them swimming and diving out of the water, just a few miles from the coast itself.


Climb Every Mountain – Located in New South Wales, thousands of people each year choose to go to one of the famous Blue Mountains tours and learn about Aboriginal Culture, visit a beautiful little village of Leura, or on the other hand just enjoy the surroundings, Wentworth Falls or Featherdale Wildlife Park. Perfect blend of rocky scenery and green hills and dales, filled with unique wildlife, this destination is something that cannot be missed. You can choose to go on a one day trip just to breathe a little bit of fresh air, or on the other hand bring a tent, and a backpack and set up a campsite for a couple of days to completely restore the energy.

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Riding the Waves – What Sydney is definitely most famous for are the amazing beaches and some of the largest waves you can see on earth. There are places for first-timers, who are only here to learn how to survive the waters, but also for those experienced ones who wish to fight the largest waves they will even encounter in their lives. But they are not just for the adventurous ones, as many beaches are connected to the city and have numerous cafés and restaurants for you to sit back, relax, have a cocktail and enjoy the light breeze. However, you should not be lazy and miss out on some of the ‘wilder’ ones that can be reached with a long walk down the coast.

As this place has a little bit of everything for everyone, Sydney should definitely be at the top of your list. You can climb on high mountains, swim in deep seas, or on the other hand enjoy the modern architecture of the city, but one thing is sure – you will want to come back

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