Review – Is Scam or Legitimate? Reviews - Is Scam or Legitimate? This is my review about TheInviteJob If you are among the many who have been wondering whether this site and their claimed work is worth trying or simply another waste of people’s time, then you should read this review. Yes, you will be able to learn whether it is pure scam or a legitimate work at home business opportunity that will improve your life in terms of helping you earn that extra cash, a thing which will help you make a well informed choice.. “claims” to be “a large scale marketing and referral company in the United States of America”, which pays its members up to $5 for every “link visit or click” by anyone including your friends, family and etc. You see, $5 is too much for just clicking a link as far as I know and basing on my own experience as an internet money maker for some good number of years now.

The site also “claims” that its members are already earning more than “$500 a month”, a thing which is considered too good to be true. If you for example work with Amazon as an affiliate, you will realize that you need to sell more than dozens of products including high and low paying in order to reach that amount. For example, I earn less than $100 on Amazon a month out of the hard work and reviews I write, but how about the “$5” for simply having others click on the link?

TheInviteJob has its slogan as “join, invite and earn”. This means that you need to join and which is free, invite your friends and family to click on your referral link, and then earn money as simple as that. I am sure you can see how simple it is to make money as its “claimed off this site”. While it is easy to make quick money online, the fact is that that way looks not to be real, but lets go on and see.

This site too “claims” to allow you earn up to “3 Tire Earning” including first, secondary and third earning levels. This means briefly that when you join and invite “Easy”, you will earn from him or her. And when your direct referral invites his or her friends, you will earn from them as well. And if they too invite, you will still earn. You see, that is more earning opportunities claimed but the question is whether it is all true..

To join this site is free and so to earning. Just like, you will never be required to verify your email address. You will simply add the required details and off you login and access the member dashboard. This site claims to have more than 1,457,440 total members with 1,012,910 being active. Just imagine that all of those were to request payment, how much would this company pay?

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What exactly happens? I personally joined this site and am sharing. I clicked the invite link which had been sent to me, joined and posted my referral link on the different sites. I had many members joining and which made my earnings jump to $600+ within only my first hour of being a member. Am yet to click the withdraw link since am still suspecting them not being legitimate just like its been on many other similar sites.

To be honest, is a site I can’t trust as of now and or say that its legitimate. I have a bad experience with scam sites and a reason which makes me only confirm as site after getting my payment. And yes, the moment I get my payment if at all it is there, I will update here and let you know my final recommendation.

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