This Subcold’s Super85 LED 844mm Height Under Counter Fridge Is Fully Automatic

Subcold super85 LED ReviewAn automatic fridge means much when it comes to performance. Regardless of the kind of drinks you take as favorites, this Subcold’s super85 LED under counter fridge will is a perfect choice when it comes to storing your choice of drinks.

Featuring an adjustable thermostat with a huge internal temperature range between 0 -10°C, you are safer since this fridge will be able to adapt to your needs. Being an advanced fridge designed for modern living, it is fully automatic and practical when it comes to performance.

Product in review: Subcold super85 LED
Current rating: 4.5/5
Storage capacity: 80 liters
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Height: 844mm

Subcold super85 LED specifications

  • Has an advanced compressor cooling technology
  • Temperature ranges between 0-10°C
  • Has adjustable thermostat
  • Best for all kind of snacks and drinks e.g water, soda milk, etc
  • Is fully automatic, practical and versatile
  • Has an internal storage volume of 80L
  • Has an an internal LED light
  • Has  4 adjustable and removable internal chrome wire shelves
  • A+ rated energy consumption with only 102kWh/PY
  • Fits in even more places with the reversible glass door.

Why should you buy this Subcold super85 fridge?

Subcold super85 fridgeWhile we may have different likes and dislikes, one thing at least I know about this fridge is that many of us like it why? When you take a look at the features above, you will find what makes the Subcold super85 different when it comes to Under counter fridges.

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Subcold super85 LED has the capacity to hold up to 80 x 330ml cans in addition to up to 5 x 75cl bottles of your choice of drinks. Additionally, it is only 43.5 x 47.4 x 84.4 cm diemnsions which makes it perfectly fit in any positioned place.

And when it comes to price, you can get this Subcold super85 fridge at a relatively low price when compared with similar products on the market. Many reasons exist as to why you must won this though vary person t person.

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