in Reviews – Scam or Legitimate? Reviews When you read about THWGlobal, trust me the first thing you will think of is it being another make money online opportunity which operates just like any other similar ways. Thinking this way is totally wrong as far as I know basing on my own findings as you will discover in the next few lines. Please don’t reach onto conclusions, I am not saying that it is scam, first read this review in full and find out what I have to say in conclusion. is an “invite” only service which “claims” to offer its members lots of ways to make and earn an extra cash online and working from the comfort of their homes or anywhere. It took me sometime as usual to reach on a conclusion, and which is why I chose to share my findings in the review with regard on whether it is legitimate, trustworthy, genuine one can spend his time on or simply another scam I wouldn’t recommend one to join.

When you look at the different social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and etc, you will get to know how many people out there are posting links referring members to this site. Yes, you will also get to know why a $25 payment per view will make many join. But the question remains on whether they are indeed real or legitimate and or scam.

In order to join this site which pays its members up to “$25 per hour watching better than YouTube type videos”, you need to know someone who is already a member. You can’t simply visit their homepage and sign up as you will get this response “If you would like to become a registered user of the video community please get back with the person that told you about our site. You must be formally invited by a registered user of our community in order to register”.

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Once you have joined the community, the next step is watching those YouTube video ads and start earning money. Taking into account of the amount one is paid per hour which is $25, and counting on the number of active members, just think of them all being active at the same time and watching those YouTube ads. You will imagine how much money THWGlobal will be paying in an hour.

When you look at this site from a legitimacy perspective, you wonder what exactly it is basing on how much money it claims to pay its members. You might even think that the money they pay just to spend an hour watching YouTube videos is more than what the video owner can earn in that hour for example, if one is monetizing using ads.

Well, I won’t reach on a conclusion yet and say that it is scam or legitimate. All I want you the reader to know is that I am still investigating and once I find the truth, I will share it back here with you. You can too take your time and search more about what others have to say with regard to THWGlobal.

Written by KWS Adams

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