Top Tips Expert Bloggers Must Relearn From Novice Bloggers

Blogging is not easy. It takes time to establish a name and it takes huge effort to rank a website. During the process, bloggers discover new things to adapt to the changes of search engine algorithms. Also during this time, experienced practitioner in the field tend to forget important tips they used to do when they were just starting. Here are some of the blogging tips that experienced bloggers might have forgotten, and must relearn from novice bloggers:

Interact with Readers

Don’t stop connecting with your readers once you already established a good following. Continue to share ideas and reply on comments to foster a good community of like-minded people. Eventually, you can learn from them. You can also improve your blog by knowing which topics people want to read on your website. The bottom line is, it’s them who made your blog an established site, so always acknowledge their importance to your website.

Admit That You Need to Learn More

Yes, you know a lot about SEO, blogging and a bunch of things. But strategies that might be effective before, might be obsolete today. There is nothing constant in this world, and that includes the things you learn from past practices. You have to constantly learn and relearn to keep up with your competitors. Learn from young bloggers who are eager because they know they have so many things to learn about blogging.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

You might be an expert blogger but that does not make you immune to Google’s wrath. You might lose traffic, readers or profit at one point but don’t take it as an attack to your expertise. Remember even experts do not have an exact solution to win against search engines. Just act like novice bloggers who experience the same situation. They accept things and move on.  They know it is okay to fall because it gives them a chance to lift themselves and improve.

Update Blogs Regularly

Experienced bloggers manage more than just one website so updating all of them can be taxing. In addition, they also live outside the online world. Maybe, these bloggers are working on a regular nine hour job, too. However, being busy is not an excuse to leave your followers behind. Remember to update your blogs and impress your readers with fresh and interesting contents.

Write Blogs Yourself – Don’t Rely on Others

Guest posting has many pros but experienced bloggers tend to abuse it. Since many of these bloggers are so busy, they just rely on guest posts to update their blogs. However you should spend time to review each guest posts being that you put your name along with it. If possible contribute your own write-ups to preserve the personal identity of the blog.

Stop Making Blogs All About The Money

If you are an experienced blogger, you already know by now that you can earn a lot of money by blogging. But don’t make your articles all about earning. Remember the time when you start blogging? You write because blogging is your passion. You love writing and interacting with people. Focus on that! Think of what you can give to people not the what others can give to you. Actually, you can earn more when you do this.

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Remember the Basics of Writing

Don’t forget the basics of writing. Expert practitioners tend to experiment on styles and composition. Often, it leads to hard to understand blogs. Write like writing your best essay in school. Essays are simple, conversational and fluid. However, keep your articles short and concise because readers have short attention span. Even if they are solid followers of your blog, they still have low tolerance towards long and hard to understand articles.

Experience makes the life of a blogger easier but remember that the online world is ever-changing. You keep on learning and relearning things to compete with others. Be open to changes and cope to new things fast. These are the key to make blogs effective

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