Tips for Safe Usage of Lab Centrifuges

Lab centrifuges have become one of the most important equipment in the laboratories. Whether you are using small, medium or large centrifuge, here are some of the important tips for safe usage of laboratory centrifuges. This helps you prevent possible damages to centrifuge and injury to the user and others. Reputed manufactures can give you innovative models made with quality materials and high end technology to make the process smarter and easier. Follow the tips for safe usage of centrifuges in labs.

Place centrifuge on firm and level surface : This is one of the important factors you have to consider. Never use the centrifuge on a slanted or uneven surface. It will affect the function and affects the accuracy in separation. Moreover, it can affect the durability of the product.

Balance the Tubes : It is better to balance the tubes n the centrifuge rotor. If you need to run a tube with 10 ml liquid, then put another of 10 ml water in the opposing hole. If the liquid has high or low density compared to water then you have to keep the balance of the tunes not by volume but instead volume. Keep the mass of the tunes close as possible. Centrifuge running in high speed with imbalanced load can damage the centrifuge permanently.

Don’t open the lid when rotor is moving : There is no doubt that most of the centrifuges have emergency stop or safety shutoff. But when it lid is opened it only stops the powering the rotor. The rotor will continue spinning for a while till friction slows and stops it. Hence don’t open the lid when rotor is moving.

Pull the plug when it shakes or wobbles : Small vibration is normal and common when centrifuge works. But if you see excessive shaking or wobbling keep in mind that it can bring danger. In this case check for the balance of the tubes. If it is OK and still wobbling and shaking happens, then immediately pull the plug and stop running it.

Make use of face shield or goggles : If you have any work near centrifuge when it is working, then it is recommended to use face shield or goggles. Accidents can happen under unexpected and freakish conditions. The rotor when spinning in high speed generated extreme forces. Hence, take safety measures when you are near the centrifuge.

Do not bump or move the centrifuge when it is working : Don’t move or bump centrifuge when the rotor is spinning. Instruct other persons to keep distance or to clear of the space when centrifuge is operating. Make sure that the cord is not dangling from the table edge to prevent someone stumbling on and pull down the equipment. Make sure that everything is set in safe before you press the start button of the centrifuge.

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Don’t make use of tubes with cracks : Never make use of centrifuge tubes it they have cracks in them. It is recommended that you immediately discard it and make use of the one to prevent any possible damages or dangers.

Shop from Reputed Manufactures : It is better to shop lab centrifuges from reputed manufacturer to assure maximum safety features and long term reliability. They can provide you with handbook that helps you with tips for the safe usage of the centrifuge. Lab centrifuges from reputed manufacturer assure ease of use and safety in your lab works.

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