To Use Social Apps Like Whatsapp Or Not – Find Out And Answer

The introduction of smartphones brought with it many privileges for the elite class people who could afford expensive smartphones. With time smartphones became cheaper and its effects spread over to large number of people. Today, almost every one is affected by both the pros and cons of the smartphones. The smartphones almost brought the personal computing into the palm of your hand. Now, people used messages instead of calling for communicating to their friends and family.

However, messages were expensive. To solve this problem, few messaging applications were introduced in the market which were almost free to the smartphone users. One of these was Whatsapp. Whatsapp, with its easy-to-use interface and fast access, made it really the king of cross-platform messaging apps. Whatsapp was first launched in 2009 and attained great popularity almost immediately. Just enter your mobile number to register and start messaging for free straight away. People loved this new app and were almost immediately addicted to this tiny messaging app. However, with every positive there comes a negative. And the effect of the negative is seen by everyone, yet is disregarded.

Recent study tells us how Whatsapp is not good for us.Psychologist tells us how the use of Whatsapp can effect our minds. For instance, the ‘last seen’ option, which is seen as one of the best feature of Whatsapp, sometimes have affect on our minds. “Richie is online but is not responding.” This brings out anger within us and anger obviously effects our health. “I guess he blocked me because I cannot see his status.” And then we keep on thinking “why did he block me?” and waste most of our productive time.

The addiction of WhatsApp is so great that people are often seen sitting in one corner of the room while everyone else are busy enjoying in the middle. People have this craving of always chatting and replying to people they are talking to. They always want to upload everything they are doing. This certainly effects our time and our happiness. We find happiness in the ‘replies” of people and neglect the happiness we can get from talking to our families. Furthermore, we waste our time. We waste our precious time in chatting when we could have done lots of work. That is the effect of WhatsApp.
Further we are constantly being drawn out from the real world and being pulled into the social world. We don’t know about the real world but we do certainly know where Richie went for holidays. Also, many scams are also running now-a-days using the social media and sharing information on social media makes us vulnerable to these scams.
Moreover, emotional attachment to people through whatsapp can turn into a serious mental stress than face to face real life interactions.

Obviously, there are more disadvantages of using WhatsApp than advantages enlisted on the description of the app on App Store. We should really minimize the use of cross-platform messengers like Whatsapp, and come out of social world into the real world. WhatsApp though being the most used app of the App Store has become a bane to us.

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