Today Is My Birthday! Thank You Google, Facebook, Airtel Uganda, My Family & All Friends! You Made My Day Special

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Happy Birthday KWS Adams

While working around the clock is one best way to go, there are times when thinking about work only can turn the other side of the coin. Yes, this is what exactly happened to me on my very own Birthday. I had totally forgotten everything about this day just like it had happened the past year. My thoughts had been filled with other tasks including clearing my kids school dues, attending to a friends Kwanjula and my a graduation party for a neighbors son.

But guess what, Google, Facebook, Airtel Uganda, my Family and friends never forgot this day. To show back my appreciation and thank you for the best wishes, I decided to share this publicly on this site and am sure when you read it, you will get to know how happy I was, and I am still.

I was amazed turning on my phone only to receive a text message sent by the telecommunication company I am a subscriber, which is Airtel and the message read as quoted below..

Happy Birthday KWS Adams,
Enjoy your day while knowing that as Airtel Uganda, we care for you.
We use the same opportunity to thank you for being our loyal customer…

When I tuned on my computer and decided to search the Web using Google about something, guess what I saw on Google search. The search page was personalized for my Birthday and every single letter which makes the Google word had been animated, too with a wish, “Happy Birthday KWS”

Google Homepage was personalized for my Birthday! Thank you

And for Facebook, I am happy. You too made my day. Facebook not only reminded me but went o and shared my day to all my friends. Many of them have already responded by posting the best day wishes while others are still doing the same. I am very happy and proud of you all who have wished me the best day.

Facebook Birthday Wishes

And for all my family and friends, “Thanks for the birthday wish. It’s been an incredible year. I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my life”. Thank you once again..

Today Is My Birthday! Thank You Google, Facebook, Airtel Uganda, My Family & All Friends! You Made My Day Special

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