“Toli Mwavu, Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu” By Innocent Tegusulwa On Bukedde TV – Another YouTube Most Searched

Innocent Tegusulwa Toli Mwavu Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu If you are a fan of the Industrial Area based Bukedde TV station owned by Vision Group, you must already be knowing what I am writing about. Yes, it’s this “Toli Mwavu, Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu” words by Innocent Tegusulwa. Did you know that the above is on that long list of the most searched for and talked not only on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc but as well, a viral search on the different entertainment websites including YouTube? Agree or not, I have made my own research and concluded with this.

When this thing of “Toli Mwavu, Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu” by Innocent Tegusulwa came on the airwaves, no one knew that it would turn viral. Years down the road, many share how they can’t go to bed and that sleep comes without listening to those developmental words by Tegusulwa on Bukedde TV. Honestly, I am one of those who not only love it but as well agree that indeed, those words by that man are very helpful assuming one takes them into action.

I know, many simply loves to listen, see and laugh. But there is another category of those like me who prefer to take those “Toli Mwavu, Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu” Innocent Tegusulwa’s words into action in the “Agataliko nfuufu” news at 10PM. And being honest, I just came to realize that a few things I followed have been very helpful not only to me but to my entire family including my wife and kids.

This might be laughable but, try to answer it if you are real… Read well first and Tell me, which one from the below can well describes you and your actions among those you stay with, work with, you employ and etc??? Assuming you were one of the below. Just make an assumption and tell me by comment. At the end of the post, I will tell you what people say about where I fall.

1. A chicken searches for food, eats and as well shares with her kids. When the chicks find their own food, the chicken will not tamper but rather, leave them eat.

2. When a Turkey finds food, it will eat but will not share with the young turkeys. However, when the young ones find their own food, the turkey will leave them eat and wont intervene.

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3. When a Duck searches for food, it will eat and wont share with the young ones. However, when the young ones find their own food, the same duck which never shared will as well eat the food of her children.

I am very sure you now know where you fall right? Be honest and share if you mind. Tell us how you treat those whom you stay with. They can be your children, friends, relatives, or even those you employ. Don’t just laugh or think alone, share this post so we can know how those we take to be our best think about us. Now if you want to find out how interesting these talks are, try to check on YouTube and see. You can even tune in to “Agataliko nfuufu” news and Enjoy!

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