Top 10+ List Of Mostly Friendly But Deadliest Creatures/Animals You Must Know

In life are so many creatures which we humans tend to love and live with. And among those animals or creatures are those which have no harm or which are harmless and those which are more deadlier than one can imagine although its hard to know by just looking.

When you happen to search Google or any other search engines about the same phrases for example the most dangerous animals we stay with, you wont believe the number you will get and which is very right since its true that they are.

That is why in this simple post, I decided to compile a list of those 10+ deadliest yet friendly animals you should know so that you could stay aware.

Okay, here is the list plus their images missing sorry. You can take your time and search about each of their dangers using Google or any other search engine and find out what your best friends can do when things turn the other way round.

1. The Dingo

2. The Roadrunners

3. The Hippopotamus

4. The Duck-Billed Platypus

5. The Chimpanzee

6. The Swan

7. The Bottlenose Dolphin

8. The Otters

9. The Long-Tailed Weasels

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10. The Olive Baboons

11. The Leopard

12. The Buffalos

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