Top 14 Free Proxy / VPN Server List For 2020

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Proxy servers and VPN

10 best VPN and Poxy servers list 2020. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a system which acts as an intermediary between the origin (client) and the destination servers. The same applies to Proxies since they too act as intermediaries between the client server and the destination server.

The two are used for many reasons and by many people including but not limited to companies, organizations, individuals and others. They are used to unblock and bypass the blocked for example, bypassing Facebook block from your school or country where no one is allowed to surf such a site. This is achieved by way of assigning a random IP address which is different from the origin.

The same applies when it comes to hiding the true origin server of the client for one reason or another for example, trying to connect to a site where one is not so sure of its legibility. In this post, I am sharing with you the top and best 10 free proxy servers and VPN list which you can make use of in 2020 to stay privately online. You can use these proxy servers and virtual private networks to unblock the locked, and or to hide your true identity, and or to bypass internet restrictions.

10 free proxy servers / vpn list to stay private online in 2020 – This offers both proxy and VPN servers. You can hide your identity everytime you surf through them as you are assigned a different IP address. They too have browser extensions, addons and apps. You can use it on the web and as a downloaded app. – With this, you are able to access all of your favorite sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and much more without disclosing your real identity, and on the web.

ALSO READ  Deconstructing The Myth Behind Digital Detox – This is a free web proxy server which can be used to unblock the blocked. It is simple, easy and faster. You need to input your target URL and they will do the rest. You are given a chance to chose your proxy location eg Netherlands. – Think of surfing any site of your choice which you have been limited to always. You are given a chance to anonymously enjoy any site using the free service. They also have a browser addon which is free with an option to upgrade. – AnonyMouse helps you protect your identity, data and privacy for free. You will never be worried of exposing your personal information again. – It is a web proxy server which is free. You chose to encrypt the URL, Remove Scripts, allow cookies and so forth. This is one of the one I use myself every time I want that. – Whether you are looking out for unblocking the locked, bypassing the blocked, surfing anonymously and so forth, the fact is that you will be able to secure your privacy and right there. You only enter your URL and you are done.

Others on the list include but not limited to,,,,,, and many others. The next time you think of controlling your privacy online, then you can try out the above and see what you will happen.

Top 14 Free Proxy / VPN Server List For 2020

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