Top 2 Best Spectacles By SnapChat for 2018 Reviews

SnapChat Spectacles This review is about the top 2 best Spectacles by SnapChat. If you are a fan of smart-glasses like it happens with my family members including myself, trust me you will love the convenience of being able to do all with regard to the benefits involved with these spectacles including the idea of getting videos from your own point of view.

When my old spectacles started malfunctioning, I thought it was the right time to lookout for new Spectacles. And having heard much about SnapChat, I chose them to be the brand to look into so as to get the best product for my needs. And guess what, among all I researched, I discovered what I personally named as the “top 2 best spectacles by snapchat”, concluded my search, marked them as by best for 2017, and a reason I decided to share my research findings with you. Check out more information about SnapChat Spectacles on amazon.

#1 [[[SnapChat Spectacles]]]

SnapChat Spectacles Black

Special features

– Is rated 4.7/5
– Latest Snapchat Release
– Sold from $158
– Has more than 49 customer feedback
– Specs make memories, from your perspective
– Press the button to make a 10-second snap
– Wirelessly add your Snap to Memories on Snapchat
– Specs charge in their case

#2 [[[Teal Spectacles]]]

Teal Spectacle By SnapChat

Special features

– Is rated 3.5/5 rated
– Sold from $170
– New Snapchat Spectacles record 180 degree video for Snapchat!
– Comes in Teal and Coral / Pink
– Comes in many colors
– These spectacles ONLY work with Snapchat!

Customer reviews and scores

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Spectacles By SnapChat are indeed real smartglasses. They are made by a trusted provider, comes in unique dimensions, weighs exactly as required, perform different operations, fun and ease to use, allows you record what you see, great conversation, can take picture and video ,and download snapchat , can share for your friend and very many others.

I found more than 100 satisfied customer reviews at the review time and an average of 4.7 out of 5 start rating had been left. Most of the reviews left by customers were positive apart from a few who left negatives for example, one wrote “would have been sold a bit cheaper”, and which for sure isn’t that big deal to worry about.


In summary, these 2 Spectacles By SnapChat can handle almost any tasks they were made to do and is are highly rated and recommended products. Well made and easy to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend these [[[smartglasses]]] to others.

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