Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America for Students to Education

Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America vozbbkIntroduction: In the USA, from time to time there happen life-threatening situations like classroom shootings, clubhouse massacre, rape, gang violence, etc., which makes some areas dangerous to study and live. In this article, we will consider 25 cities in the US, which we recognize as the most dangerous ones for people in search of further education!

Below, in descending order, there are the top 25 cities, where we highlight the circumstances such as reported violent crime against population (VCR) presenting the probability of an individual to become a victim of robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder.

NB: Data used were obtained from campus security department as well as the FBI uniform crime report 2020.

1. Bessemer, ALABAMA.

According to the 2020 FBI crime data, Bessemer, a city with a population of 26,386, has a crime rate higher than any city in the USA, with a VCR of 29.8%. There is a 12.8% chance of falling victim.

2. East St. Louis, ILLINOIS.

At East St. Louis, one can be a victim at 1 in 36 number of chances. Rate of crime stands at 27.8%.

3. Monroe, LOUISIANA.

In Monroe, the chances that a student becomes a victim is recorded to be 1 in 44 cases, because the VCR is at 22.8%.

4. St. Louis, MISSOURI.

St. Louis’ population isn’t the highest in the USA but the reported violent crime in comparison to its population (20.82%) makes it rank in the top 25 most dangerous cities to live in as a student in the US. Over the years, the number of homicides has constantly been on the high side.

5. Detroit, MICHIGAN.

In Michigan, Detroit ranked as the most threatening city for students, it has a VCR of 20.6% and the probability of becoming a victim is 1 in 49.

6. Baltimore, MARYLAND.

Baltimore has a VCR of 20.4%, the highest rate in Maryland. You can be a victim in 1 to 49 chances. The city is the host of University of Baltimore and Morgan State University.

7. Memphis, TENNESSEE.

Most dangerous city in Tennessee with VCR of 20.1%. There is a 1 in 50 chances of being a victim.

8. Camden, NEW JERSEY.

There is a probability of 1 in 51 chances of being a crime victim in Camden; and the VCR is 19.7%.

9. Flint, MICHIGAN.

Another city in Michigan State with a high VCR, 19.7%. The chances of becoming a sufferer in Flint is similar to that of Camden, NJ.

10. Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS.

Pine Bluff in Arkansas has a VCR of 18.6%, and the possibility of becoming a victim is 1 of 54 cases.

11. Danville, ILLINOIS.

Similar to East St. Louis, Danville’s VCR is 17.4%, and 1 in 58 chances of being at the receiving end of a crime.

12. Gadsden, ALABAMA.

Gadsden is a bit less dangerous compared to Bessemer in Alabama because it has a VCR of 17.3%. In Gadsden, you can become a crime victim in 1 of 58 scenarios.

13. Kansas City, MISSOURI.

Kansas City’s VCR is 17.1%. The chances of being the casualty are also 1 in every 58 cases, like in Gadsden city.

14. Wilmington, DELAWARE.

Wilmington city of Delaware, also falls into this top 25 most dangerous cities in America, with a VCR of 17.0%. You can in 1 of 59 cases be the fall guy.

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15. Little Rock, ARKANSAS.

Little Rock’s VCR is as high as 16.5% with a crime index of 2. You can fall victim in 1 of 61 crimes.

16. Rockford, ILLINOIS.

In Rockford, with a headcount of 147,051, the reported violent crime to population rate is at 16.2%. Falling victim is 1 in 62 compared to 1 in 228 crime cases in Illinois state.

17. Saginaw, MICHIGAN.

Saginaw with a population of 48,677, shares the same ranking with Rockford, because they have similar values of VCR and chances of being a casualty. The crime index is 12.

18. Chester, PENNSYLVANIA.

Chester has a VCR of 16.1%; it is safer than only 6% of cities and communities in the USA. The chances of becoming a crime casualty are 1 in every 62 cases. A proportion was higher than 1 in 319 criminal cases in the entire Pennsylvania.

19. Milwaukee, WISCONSIN.

Milwaukee has a crime index of 4, which means it’s only safer there than 4% of American cities. It as well as Chester share the same spot on this ranking due to the same value of VCR and casualty chances.

20. Myrtle Beach, SOUTH CAROLINA.

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is another dangerous city for students with a VCR of 16.0% and 1.59% chances of being the crime fall guy.

21. San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA.

VCR in San Bernardino is at 15.7%, and you can be a victim in 1 of 64 incidents. A typical instance of the danger posed by this city is the 2017 North Park Elementary School shooting that claimed the lives of 3, including a student.

22. Cleveland, OHIO.

You are likely to be in 1 of 64 dangerous situations in the city of Cleveland, which has a VCR of 15.6%.

23. Alexandria, LOUISIANA.

Alexandria’s reported rate of crime is at a high 14.6%. It means there is a possibility of you going down in 1 of 69 criminal scenarios.

24. Stockton, CALIFORNIA.

Stockton has a crime index of 5 while 14.3% is the VCR. There is a 1 in 70 chances of been at the receiving end of a crime if you are a student in this city.

25. Chattanooga, TENNESSEE.

Chattanooga is a city in Tennessee with a population of 174,483 and the reported violent crime to population rate is at 10.66%.

All in all, according to the researchers, there seems to be an annual renewal of fear in both students and their parents regarding the possible dangers in the host cities of various learning facilities.

Keep in mind that even in the safest city, one should pay attention to his or her behavior. If you are polite and unprovocative, there is hardly a chance you become involved in crime. But remember the old saying ‘better safe than sorry,’ so if you have an opportunity to avoid enrolling into the university in the cities above, don’t risk and search for the learning facility in another city.

Written by KWS Adams

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