Top 36 Best Men Beard / Facial Hair Styles

Beard Styles for men The best beard, and or facial hair style for men is one which will make one look good not only in his own eyes but too for the public. And in order to achieve such a look, one has to undergo a series of steps and procedures among which include making use of such styles which are known to be best when compared with all others out there.

In this post, I share with you the top 36 best beard / facial hair styles for men be 2016 or even in the coming 2017. Trust me, making use any of the below in this list will surely turn you look awesome than you are currently looking unless it’s the same option you are using.

In order to achieve the best beard style or facial hair cut, you need to have enough hair which can be turned the way you want it look like. This means that spending some good number of weeks for example 4 without shaving will help you grow your mustache to the levels which will fit the style you are likely to those from this list.

And please note that this article is not intended for you to change your current facial hair style but rather, to act as a guide when it comes to understanding what many prove to be the best and all time cuts for men. Your barber will help you know more on how to achieve the better on your choice.

1. Balbo
2. Bandholz
3. Beard
4. Chin curtain
5. Circle Beard
6. Chinstrap beard
7. Clean shaven
8. Extended Goatee
9. Friendly muttonchops
10. Fu Manchu
11. Goat patch
12. Goatee
14. 13. Full Beard
15. Friendly Mutton Chops
16. Goatee and moustache
17. Handlebar moustache
18. Imperial

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19. Horseshoe moustache
20. Moustache
21. Garibaldi
22. Mutton chops
23. Neckbeard
24. Long Stubble
25. Pencil moustache
26. Shenandoah
27. Short Stubble
28. Medium Stubble
29. Sideburns
30. Sidewhiskers

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31. Soul patch
32. Stubble (also called Five-o’Clock Shadow)
33. Toothbrush moustache
34. Van Dyke beard
35. Walrus moustache
36. The Zappa
37. Van Dyke

The next time you think of completely turning your look to that you have been dreaming of, taking advantage of the above styles might be very helpful to you.

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