Top 5+ Best EntroPay Alternatives 2019

Entropay Alternatives Are you looking our for Entropay alternatives 2019? Would you want to find a different provider which offers more-less the same or similar service just like it’s been for the above? This article has got you covered since inside, we bring to you the top 5 best alternative service providers.

Entropay has officially announced its closure come 1 July 2019. Do you what this means more especially to those who know what identity protection stands for? If you didn’t know, Entropay has been one of the best financial services provider allowing thousands of people create online virtual accounts including the well known VCC cards.

Their closure comes at a time when people are looking for more security to their monies when it comes to online transactions. Recalled for allowing us get free VCC cards as well as acting an intermediary between credit / debit cards and where we spend, the world has lost a full service provider by its closure.

The below providers will not only offer you the same services like its been for Entropay in Nigeria, Uganda, United States, Canada, India, Mexico, Macedonia, Myanmar (Burma), Kenya, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany and any other country but also you will be able to transact, receive and also send money with your business partners, friends, family and etc. Below are the alternatives service providers for 2019.

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#1 PayPal

We all know that PayPal rocks when it comes to transacting online. Be getting paid, paying others, linking your card so you hide your financial identities and etc, PayPal is a trusted service provider worth to try. Create free PayPal account here.

#2 Payoneer

I have a thinking that almost all people know about Payoneer, the legendary service provider which allows anyone from any part of the world to create a free US, UK and etc bank account. Don’t simply dream but turn it into reality using Payoneer. You get a free US bank account with a free MasterCard linked thus allowing you transact anytime and anywhere. Get free $25 for creating Payoneer account here.

#3 Skrill

While I am not a frequent user of Skrill, fact is that Skrill has existed for so many years alongside the famous PayPal. Skrill almost offers similar services like the former with a few limitations. Skrill is worth an alternative to try more especially if you do online business e.g freelancing.

#4 Stripe

Put aside Stripes known limitations including geo restrictions, this is one of my favorites when it comes to online transactions. Stripe is safe and secure when it comes with anything to do with funds. Sorry, I will talk about some other day but for now, take them as another choice to chose from.

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# 5 Payza

Truth is I am no longer using Payza. In the past, I used them and they are on my recommended list of those to try especially if you don’t know what to do. They also support withdraw to your local bank account which is a feature I like about them.


Put Neteller, privacy, Dwolla, Vertcoin, Braintree, Paymentspring, Amazon payments and many on your list of to try. You will be able to learn more on what they do and what you expect them to do for you.

Entropay’s last words

Entropay We're closing down.

We will surely miss you financial provider. Nevertheless, if you are like me, simply switch to the best alternative you can chose from the above and enjoy as usual.

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