2019 Top 5 Best European Holiday Beaches

2017 Top 5 Best European Holiday Beaches It is not a true summer without baking sun and unbearable heat. There is one rescue to choose during heat period of the calendar is to go to the beach and bath in caressing water of the sea nearby. However, it is easy to do in high seas far away. There is a rating of the best European beaches in accordance with preferences of Tripadvisor users. Here is how top 5 looks like.

1. Rabbit Beach (Formentera, Sicily Islands)

This beach is often called Italian Seychelles because of an amazing color of water and white sand. There is Conejos island not far from the shore where thousands of turtles swim up every year in order to lay eggs. Which is why these places are considered to be a national park where heavy construction is forbidden. The best period for a trip is May – September.

2. Playa de las Catedrales (Ribadeo, Spain)

People come over to the beach of Cathedral churches in Playa de Las Catedrales not for bathing only but also to enjoy monumentality of the caves and rocks of Gothic shapes. This is where the name of the beach comes from, ” Las Catedrales”. Complex of caves and rocks where seagulls and gannets live turned this species into a performance where one may watch ebbs-and-floats. The best period for a trip is July – August.

3. Rhossili Bay (Swansea, Great Britain)

Rhossili Bay Welsh beach is located on the Gauer peninsula, which is not far from Swansea is considered to be the best beach of Great Britain. There are picturesque hills of Rhossili Downs along the beach for 5 kilometers long one is able to see an impressive view to the ocean and suburbs. Cap Head rock crowns the western rocky part of the beach glorified by national Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, a flat crooked running-off into the ocean for 1,5 kilometers long. The best period for a trip is July – September.

4. Playa de ses Illetes (Formentera, Balearic Islands)

When you happen to be on Formentera for the first time, it gives a thrill literally from light as feather and white as sugar sand. It goes along well with crystal-clear and emerald water of Mediterranean Sea. The island is so small at some places that the sea surrounding it adds to an effect from amazing interaction of the sand colors, water and sky. The best period for a trip is all year round.

5. Woolacombe Beach (Woolacombe, Great Britain)

Woolacombe beach is one of the most beautiful sand beaches located on the south of the island. In summer, one may toast on the beach and go surfing. Also, fishing and excursions to watch sea bears are widespread on Woolacombe. The best period of a trip is July-September.

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