Top 5 Luxury Holiday Destinations In Australia

Australia can be described as both an island and a continent and proudly stands as the only place on earth that can hold both titles. It stands alone from the rest of the continent and hosts some of the most unique flora and fauna that are only found in Australia. The Australian continent is also surrounded by many little islands that host some of the most beautiful resorts you would ever find on earth. With such diverse and unique features it is no surprise that Australia is one of the leading luxury holiday destinations today.

Lord Howe Island – It is located off the east cost of the continent. It is located on one of the best sea waters in the world which are royal blue in color and filled with many different sea creatures. The sea floor is also covered with a wide coral reef that is also home to millions of other sea creatures. Apart from the beautiful sea attractions the island is also home to palm forests. The forests give the island a fresh and natural feel that is very relaxing. The island has done all it can to preserve this forest as it is one of its greatest attractions. You can also go for hikes in the mountainous region of the island for the more adventurous individuals. The island also hosts a variety of resorts that offer some of the best holiday services you will find in the world.

Great Barrier Reef – Probably the most famous luxury destination in Australia. The reef is home to a variety of islands with Heron Island being one of the most well-known of the islands. The Great Barrier Reef is also home to the biggest coral reef in the world. This large coral reef is the biggest attracting as it host millions of creatures all unique and special. Scientists still don’t follow understand the mysteries of the coral reef and this mystery adds to even more attraction to the place. You can tour the coral reef aboard luxury cruise ships that are designed with a glass fitted bottom and help you get the best view of this wonder of the sea.

Orpheus Island – Orpheus is an island located in the Great Barrier Reef. This is one of the most exclusive islands in the world with only limited bookings allowed. You also have to book very early in advanced if you ever hope to get a reservation at the island. The island has been described as a VIP secluded island by many who have visited it.

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Uluru – If you thought that Australia had all its marvels on the coast, then you were mistaken. At the rocky central part of the continent’s terrain is a place called Uluru. It is a luxury desert destination with executive camping sites the order of the day. You can tour the desert on camel backs roaming from one campsite to another. This is also one of the best places to see Australia’s unique wildlife.

Cradle Mountain – Australia does it again as it offers another destination completely different from what you would expect from the continent. Cradle Mountain offers snow filled slope for all the winter sports lovers. It also has some of the best Log resorts you would find with enormous fire places, giving it a retro feel to the holiday. Australia has proven to be one of the best places you would find to go on holiday. Some of the tourist attractions can only be found in Australia.

For this reason thousands of people get an Australian visa every year and go to explore these places that you can only visit and experience first-hand the true wonders of the continent.

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    Tasmania is great Austrilian place to visit. Many know it as the urban life city since life in there is an urban one. I really loved this site and I hope to share my travel experience here. Keep up.

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    Cradle mountain is my destination choice in Australia. Can’t wait for my next trip as planned in Advance already. Always thought that I know that place alone but was wrong. Nice travel post keep up.

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    I love Australia and its one of the best destinations when am to travel for a tour. Good hotels, apartments and chilling to mention. Next time will try your recommendation.

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