Top 5 Other Domestic Parks To Visit In South Africa

Are you interested in visiting South Africa? Did you know that SA is one country with National Parks you must check out? Keep reading. South Africa is one of those countries which is full of more than a single surprise in addition to being a naturally God gifted country in many things including a wide range of animals, birds and many others which makes the county to be one of the Top spots for tourists. The forming of the South African National Parks or SANParks, a body which is responsible for the management of all the countries national parks in 1926 led to the development of what we currently see today as the Popular Parks which many would love to check out. While many people know parks like Kruger National Park, go on to explore and learn more five additional parks in South Africa and which as a Tourist or as a Traveler you wouldn’t miss out checking but all under the management of South African National Parks, which over looks up to 19 parks currently.

Addo Elephant National Park – Addo is one national park in South Africa and which is known as the third largest in the whole country.The park hosts a wide diversity of landscapes, biodiversity fauna and flora with over 600 elephants in additional to a number of buffalo, spotted hyena, lions, leopards, black rhinos, antelopes, zebras and many more other species like the Addo flightless dung beetle all sitting on an area of up to 180 000 hectares with an expansion plan to turn them to 264 000 hectares.

Bontebok National Park – Also known as the Heralded World Heritage Site, the park is a place of peaceful charm and simplistic beauty due to being one which has a backdrop of the known Majestic Langeberg Mountains. The namesake bontebok, the coastal mRenosterveld and the fynbos veld type are what makes the Bontebok Park to praise itself as an achiever of the biodiversity conservation and is known to a better place for fishing, bird watching, and a swimming spot with number of both animals and bird species and is the smallest Park among all of those under the SANParks.

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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – For those who are interested in birds of prey, Kgalagadi is a of haven for birders sitting over 3.5 million hectares land. The park has a number of animals like leopards, black-mane lions and many other raptors.

Other Two National parks in South Africa include Mokala park and which is one of the newest ones and nested in hills and the Table Mountain National Park which is known as a haven of magnificent mountains and the diverse floral kingdom.

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