Top 5 Popular Internet/Online/Web Scam Practices In Africa & The World

Scam is everywhere just like it exists in your country, city, state, social web and many others. Most scam activities involve the exchange of the different electronic mails from the scammer to the target individual or company and where by for those who are new to such, they sometimes end up being conned so much of their money including the time to process the scammer requested document and so forth.

In Africa just like the whole world, many people have fallen victims of such web and online scam activities just like it happened to one of my friends who lives in Kenya after he was targeted and ended up being conned of up to Kshs 10,000 in the name of the winning document processing and handling. Not only this friend of mine but too many people have been victimized in the different scam ways although nothing looks to be done by those who are responsible.

Many scammers reportedly use those famous brands and names of international companies with the different being either a spelling for example a miss of a single letter in the domain name used by the scammer as opposed to the legit domain name of the organization being uses.

If you have never faced this or being scammed, you are lucky but still, you need to read this entirely and for those who have been scammed already, sorry but this post will help you learn how you can prevent this from happening again and we have listed up to 5 most common practices which you should be aware of.

International Lottery Winning – This is where you get an email which seems to be legit letting you how you have won lots of dollars. In many cases, the receiver has no knowledge of the above and many share having not participated and nor having shared their mails on the internet. If you happen to see such an email, you should inquire thoroughly before falling victim since the end result if being asked to fill forms and then paying processing money.

Automobiles Promotions – This is similar to the above although for it, the mail is sent and originating from an automobile company. The mail tells one how he or she has been chosen as a winner from any supplied auto company. This too requires thorough investigation unless you are sure that you have been a participant.

Credit Card promotions – Due to the high need of such cards, many people end up being conned in the same name. Scammers use brands and known names of big companies like Master card or Visa and send emails alerting one of being a winner of cards loaded with huge amounts. If you know that you never participated in anything, its wise to avoid such mails.

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Email promotions and winning – At least all of us happen to use free emails from either Yahoo, Microsoft and others. This is very advantageous to scammers since they use such address to con the users. I remember when one send me an email of having won thousands of dollars from Microsoft email lottery even when I had never owned a single Microsft email.

Inheritance scams – Now this is one of the common ones which exist in almost any place be on social sites and others. If you read this post about identifying and getting rid of scammers on Facebook, you must be knowing how it starts and how it ends.

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  1. rae says:

    thank your for the fast reply

    i already know about payooner, it will take almost a month before they deliver the card to me since am based in Nigeria.

    do you any other site apart from ENTROPAY that i can buy virtual cards for paypal verification AND PAY FOR THIS CARD WITH DEBIT CARD not through paypal pls thanks

  2. rae says:

    hi Adams please i need to know any website where i can get a virtual debit card which i will be able to withdraw my paypla funds with. i would also love if i can by the card with my visa debit card given to me by my bank

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