Top 50 Ugandan Videos Of 2015 As Seen On Bukedde TV Live

Top 50 Ugandan Videos Of 2015 As Seen On Bukedde TV Live Did you miss out the Top 50 Ugandan Videos Of 2015 as were played on Bukedde TV live on January 1st 2016? Did you know that those songs were the top voted by viewers choice? If you by any chance missed out this hot list, then keep reading and discover which number your favorite artist was.

On the list included artists like Zanie Brown and Ziza Bafana’s Friendly Match video which was chosen as number one on the Top 50 Ugandan songs Of 2015 year, and Uganda All-Stars Tubonga Nawe video taking the 5oth position. Other artists who were featured on the long list by viewers included the likes of Sheebah, Pallaso ft Davido, Ronald Mayinja, Zil Zil, Mesach Semakula, King Saha, Mathias Walukagga, Eddy Kenzo and very many others like you can see in the list below.

The Top 50 Ugandan Videos Of 2015 List As Seen On Bukedde TV Live

50. Tubonga Nawe – Uganda All-Stars
49. Agende – Ziza Bafana
48. Tunywe – Sheebah
47. Twatoba – Pallaso ft Davido
46. Broken English – Gravity Omutujju
45. Sente – Ronald Mayinja
44. Dat Dat – Cindy
43. Sasi Ku Nyama – Zil Zil
42. Nzenna Nzenna – Irene Ntale
41. So Lucky – Sasha Brighton.
40. Nakulwala – Mesach Semakula
39. Sija Kulya Mukyalo – Zanie Brown
38. Fitina – Ziza Bafana
37. Bbera Awo – King Saha
36. Ekyatusomosa Lweera – Mathias Walukagga
35. Ndinga Mutamiuvu – Jovan Luzinda
34. Kamboyine – Maro
33. Nkuuze – Maureen Nantume
32. Bakuzala Mubaala – Daxx Kartel
31. Zigido – Eddy Kenzo
30. Necklace – Betina Namakula
29. Byebyo – Beeb Cool
29. Tekinanta – Spice Diana
28. Byakugezako – Benah Namisango
27. Mbilo Mbilo – Eddy Kenzo
26. Bwerere – Chameleone
25. Wotuuse – Jackie Chandiru
24. Anjagaala – Lyto Boss.
23. Omwana wa Muteesa – Mesach Semakula
22. Am Bad – Aziz Azion
21. Kampala – Nice Henry
20. Tusasanya – Big Eye
19. Malala – Voctor Kamenyo
18. Memories – Lilian Mbabazi and Apass
17. Manya – David Lutaalo
16. Kalibataanya
15. Ndimukudo – Cindy and Navio
14. Linda – Rema and Chris Evans
13 Otubatisa- Irene Ntale and Sheebah Karungi
12. Byayanga – Mun G
12. Guluma Nasomye – Ziza Bafana
11. Akatonotono – Rema
10. Koona – Spice Diana and Pallaso
09. Omwoto – Gravity Omutujju
08. Katono Katono – Winnie Nwagi
07. Bikoola – Irene Ntale and Goodlyfe
06. Wuuyo – Apass
05. Ujuwe – David Lutaalo
04. Kiggwa Leero – Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee
03. Bakuwe Kyonywa – Nutty Neithan
02. Juice – Radio and Weasel
01. Friendly Match – Zanie Brown and Ziza Bafana

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This Top 50 Ugandan songs Of 2015 As Seen On Bukedde TV Live is listed from countdown. And like you see, that video which took the number one position is below while the one which took the 50th position is up. But the best of all, they are numbered.

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