Top 7 Educational Tools That Teachers and Students Need To Know

Top 7 Educational Tools

For the teachers who are new to their field or for the students who find it hard to manage work, there are several tools introduced that can help them in reducing their efforts.

Let’s say a student is asked to write an assignment in a short time or talk about a teacher who has to deliver his lecture more conventionally. For it, they can get help from online educational tools.

Similarly, if a student can’t get physical classes then online applications can be another option for making the meetings and conducting online classes.

Numerous such tools can be beneficial for them in this regard and can make their working easy and quick.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular educational tools that can be quite handy in increasing the workflow. Students and teachers must be aware of these tools.

Best 7 Educational Tools

Here is the list of the best scholastic tools. We will tell the working and advantages of these tools so all individuals can get benefit from here.

  1. Online Text Editor

The time is gone when students used to write their assignment on paper and submit it in the class. Now digital applications and tools have taken place.

Now students are asked to submit the assignments via email. So, they have to make the soft form of their homework using online software.

Online Text Editor

But software needs installation in the system and also requires some space in your device. So, students can make use of online tools.

Text editor online provides you with all the facilities that are needed to write an assignment. A person can make proper headings, make the text bold, underline the content, or make it italic.

  • Paraphrasing Tool

It often happens that a student gets such topics to write assignments that are not of his interest. In other cases, they may be short of time.

In this situation, rephrasing tools are quite beneficial that can rewrite the content of the user and make it unique from the original one.

Paraphrasing Tool

These online tools have a huge synonyms database and change the words with their synonyms. This is an amazing feature that can be quite handy for students as well as teachers to prepare their tasks.

When a user uploads the content in an online rephrase, it changes the structure of the text without disturbing the actual intent.

  • PDF Mergers

Most of the time, teachers ask the students to submit their assignments in PDF format. But the problem is that you can’t make changes in this format.

Suppose you have multiple PDF pages that you are going to submit. It will not be a good idea to send each file separately.

The question is how you can combine multiple pdfs and make it a single file? If you are going to change the format of each and then combine these pages, it would take a long time.

To make it easy and fast, students can go for merge pdf tool. Here they have to upload the PDF files in the tool and click on the merge button.

Users will instantly get a proper PDF file in which they will have all the pages of the assignment. So, this is another best option for the students to make their workflow better.

  • Grammar Checker

Submitting the assignment with mistakes can lead to losing the crucial points. So, it is necessary to eliminate the lines that are making the text difficult to read and understand.

To make the assignment free of errors and increase the fluency of text, it is necessary to use the online grammar checker that detects every single line that is disturbing the readability of the content.

Grammar Checker

When a user uploads the content in the tool, it scans the lines deeply and looks for the fluency of the text. It highlights the text that needs improvement or to be replaced.

  • Zoom

Due to multiple purposes, teachers or students can face issues in attending a physical class. So, the other option that can be used as an alternative is the Zoom platform. This is an online meeting platform where teachers and students can conduct online sessions.


Suppose a teacher is trying to convey a message to the students on vacation. Not all students can come to the institute for attending class. Zoom is the substitute choice for them where they can discuss all the things about their topic and make their working easy.

You can take a session of 40 minutes for once. If the lecture is long or it will take more time to discuss the things then the session must be started once again. Admin will send invitation codes to all the participants and allow them to join the class.

In many cases, teachers have to share the notes with their students or get answers to the quiz. It is not possible to do this all on Zoom meeting as it will not allow you to extend a lecture more than 40 minutes.

The other option for the teachers is to use the Google classroom application. Teachers can upload assignments, notes, and quizzes on the portal so students can get access there at any time.

Google Classroom

This educational tool is an amazing addition for the teaching staff to get the homework on time and gather all the individuals on a single platform.

  • Goboard

Goboard is an amazing educational tool for online classes where the teacher gets a canvas where they can write and make graphs in their lecture.

You may think that Zoom has the same work as teachers can conduct online classes there and interact with their students. But one thing that they lack here is the canvas as they can’t write by themselves in this application. In zoom meetings, they can just show images or share a screen to show the notes.

But Goboard on the other end is something different that allows conventionally conveying the message. Teachers can explain everything by writing it on the virtual board. It also makes it easy for the students to understand the lecture.

Bottom lines

As technology has brought a lot of changes everywhere, you can witness it in the educational sector too. Teachers and students can get equal benefits from online tools to make their assignments and get online classes.

The tools discussed in the article can be quite beneficial for all of you. If you have some other tools to discuss or that can help the students and teachers, you can share them in the comment section.

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