Top Three National Parks You Should Visit In Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa

Did you know that Uganda is currently among those Top spots which are the World’s tourist destinations in the world? Recently, the National Geographic named the pearl of Africa as a country among the Top 20 global tourism destinations come 2013 after 2012, when Uganda was too the Lonely Planet’s Best Country to visit, both of which have been as a result of the recent developments in the tourism industry.

Accessed on both air, land and water transport options, Uganda is a country which constitutes the current east African community in addition to countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, southern Sudan and Burundi. Gifted by nature and also known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is a country which has almost everything a tourist may like to see on a tour for example the great lakes, the forests, the national and game parks, the different bird species, the mountain gorillas only to mention.

In this Hub, you will discover the top three national parks which one must not miss out when one finally chooses to take a foot in Uganda and below is their list.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Located on the bridges of the districts of kasese, kamwenge, bushenyi and rukungiri in western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park is a one place that one must not miss out when he or she does visit Uganda. Named after the royal queen Elizabeth in 1954 replacing its former name Rwenzori and currently governed by the Uganda world life authority, the park lies on an estimated total area close to 2,000 square kilometers with species including the hippopotamuses, elephants, leopards, lions and chimpanzees and birds, which are a must watch for tourists and other people interested.

Murchison Falls National Park
Located in the north western part of Uganda and also known as Kabalega National Park, the park is one of those which are too managed by the Uganda world life authority which does spread from the lake Albert around the victoria Nile located on an estimated total area of about 3,500 square kilometers which makes it to be the countries largest national park and well known or hosting animals like the buffalo’s, elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos.

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Mgahinga National Park
Located near the town of Kisoro in the south west part of Uganda, the park is located in an area near the volcanoes national park in Rwanda and the Virunga national park in the democratic republic of the Congo located on an estimated total area of about 34 square kilometers of land. Mgahinga National Park is another park under the governance of the Uganda world life authority and is known for offering habitat for the endangered Mountain gorilla.

The next time you plan to travel to Uganda, the above are some of the parks and destinations that you must look into.

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