TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple iPhone Reviews, Pricing and Ratings

Totu Apple iPhone Bumber Case TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 6/ 6S is one of the top what you need when it comes to protecting your iPhone smartphone device. Specifically designed for that, you are likely to enjoy a lifetime protection your device. True, this is an unbiased review and one I have written personally basing on how I exactly saw, and how I am seeing this TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple Iphone 6/ 6S.


1. Readily available – The TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 6/ 6S is readily available for buy now from participating sellers for example on

2. Portable and handy – This bumper case is very portable. It doesn’t any weight on your smartphone device. It only weighs 1.9 ounces and is in dimensions of 5.6 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches.

3. Highly rated – A highly rated product or item means much to buyers. Yes, from more than 100 customer reviews, an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars is the rating. This means that many of those who bought got their best value for their money.

4. Pricing – For only $7.99, this is a great selling price one can get this item or any other similar one. I have nothing miuch to write about this since its clear than you think.

If you have been looking for one best protector for your iPhone mobile smart device, you might want to give this TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 6/ 6S a try and see how it works. In this review, I am sharing with you the look, oh this image you are seeing right in this post, the different features of this iPhone case, its current pricing (cost, sales price) and what you should expect once you decide to use it.

When I compared my iPhone look right now and before I bought this case, the fact is that there is a big difference. My smartphone doesnt look old as if it is not being used. This to me means that the extra protection which this TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple Iphone 6/ 6S is giving me is indeed helpful.


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– “Perfect fit – specially designed for apple iPhone 6 4.7 Inch and fits like a glove
– 360┬░Protection – including 4-side protection, covered corners and a raised edge to protect the screen
– Premium material – made with hard polycarbonate outer shell and soft inner TPU to prevent your iPhone from scratching and shocking
– Easy access to buttons – quick and easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and other features
– Lifetime warranty – TOTU ensure the maximum protection for the whole life of your iPhone 6 case.


You have seen the above specifications right? Now its time to make a choice. If you are interested in this [[[TOTU Dual-Layer TPU Bumper Case for Apple iPhone]]], just follow the link to check out more on its descriptions. Available in different colors including black, this item has been reviewed more than 94 customers with 4.5 star ratings. With this rating, I can recommend one to but it since its prove to be worth the money.

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