Touring Amazing Locations While Staying In The Resorts Of Udaipur

Udaipur, a beautiful city in the midst of majestic Aravalli range of mountains, is well-known for its fascinating tourist attractions. Some of the resorts in Udaipur were once grand palaces of Rajput kings, and traces of those glorious days can still be found in their awe-inspiring architecture. This city of Rajasthan, a north-western state of India, also happens to be one of the most sought-after destinations among tourists worldwide.

An aesthetic appeal of its heritage buildings is what drives most of the travellers to explore Udaipur while vacationing in Rajasthan. Lakes of the city offer just the kind of setting that romantic couples look for during their time spent in the state. It does not come as a surprise to many when they are told that Colonel James Tod, East India Company’s first political agent had described it as the most romantic spot on the Indian sub-continent.

Tourists can find ideal locations in the city that are essential to make their vacation truly memorable. An all inclusive Udaipur holiday gives them the chance to explore lush green gardens, amazing palaces, and museums. There are some forts in this region that remind travellers of the brave Rajput warriors.

Among them is the largest fort of India, known as Chittorgarh Fort; and Kumbhalgarh Fort, which has world’s second longest wall. Besides forts, there are some charming temples in Udaipur like Nathdwara Temple, Ranakpur Temple, and Jagat Temple, which can be visited during the sightseeing trips in and around the city.

Itineraries of Udaipur travellers comprise of these fantastic attractions, as well as certain locations that are included in the list of must-see destinations for tourists. They would have many things to do in Udaipur during their vacation spent in the region. Most enjoyable among them would be a visit to some of the most popular places of interest around the city.

Ahar is one such location, famous for its archaeological sites that have some interesting facts in store for research scholars and history lovers. Ghanerao Castle, located in a small town called Ghanerao, is a fabulous historical structure that stands testimony to the lavish lifestyle of its past rulers. At a distance of about 65 kilometres from Udaipur is Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

It serves as a natural habitat for many wild animals like leopards, wolves, jackals, sloth bears, four-horned antelopes, and hyenas. Peacocks, red spur owls, bulbuls, parakeets, and doves are some of the birds of this sanctuary that would delight bird-watchers.

Monsoons make their presence felt in Udaipur between the months of July and September, but the amount of rainfall that the city receives is meagre. Winter arrives in this region in the month of October and stays till March. Daytime temperatures during winters hardly rise above the level of 33.3-Degree Celsius.

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Tourists can enjoy mouth-watering local delicacies in restaurants in Udaipur and go sightseeing in and around the city owing to a pleasant climate during this season. This region experiences summers from mid-March to the month of June, with uncomfortable daytime temperatures that make sightseeing trips quite difficult.

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