Travelling Via Bus? UgaBus APP Allows You Book Right From Your Phone

Let me introduce to you UgaBus, the Bus booking application that allows you to book tickets to your destination within and outside Uganda right from your smartphone. If you are a frequent traveler, or simply want to tour or visit a friend, the UgaBus app installed on your smartphone will save you from the heavy traffic jam around Kampala by booking remotely without the need to physically visit the Bus park.

What is UgaBus?

UgaBus is Uganda’s largest integrated online bus ticketing portal that brings together all bus transport operators across Uganda under a single window. Using the app, travelers are able to plan their bus travel in advance and conveniently through the Ugabus app. The service allows anyone to book buses for their travel across East Africa.

How to Use Ugabus app

  • Download Ugabus apk from Google play store
  • Install and launch the app from your device
  • Complete the registration process
  • Enter your destination preferences
  • Pick up the Bus service of choice
  • Choose your sit number from available ones
  • Confirm booking by paying
  • Your ticket number will be shown

You will only need to present the Ticket number to the bus provider, and off you will be allowed onboard. The service is hassle free and saves you both time, and the heavy traffic jam while accessing the bus parks for booking.

Picture guide to using UgaBus app

  1. Launch the app

2. Enter your phone number and wait for verification code

3. Copy the verification code and paste onto the app

4. Complete registration by filling your all personal details

5. Enter route details to search for bus for example,leaving from and going to

6. View available buses and their fares including travel times

7. Select bus to view available seats and book

8. Review your information and complete payment

Click Book Now and complete payment. You will see your Ticket number and other booking details upon successful payment of your fares. Wait for the right time or date, visit the bus park and show your booking details on your smartphone. You are ready to travel.

Ugabus App Review

Ugabus is a real application you can rely on when it comes to travelling by bus. It is a free to download and install app supported on your smartphone. The app helps you book remotely and show the booking messae once you reach the bus park at the travel time, or date. If you want to book in advance while saving time and avoiding the Kampala, and other cities traffic jam, this app is your way to go.

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