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The Irish city of Dublin has always been one of our favorite cities for the many different ways the capital of Ireland can be enjoyed, and for the amazing types of experience that can be discovered throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas. We have often enjoyed the varied options a food tour Dublin restaurants and eateries participate in, plus the traditional pub crawls that many of us have already enjoyed as we pass through the city for a few days or weeks at a time.

One of the coolest options when exploring the city of Dublin is to take part in a food tour eateries often take part in to allow us all to explore the wide array of foods that are available in the area. The Secret Food Tours Dublin company have always given us the best possible experience of some of the best restaurants in the city and some of the less well known eateries loved by local residents; I enjoyed following in the footsteps of former President Bill Clinton by arriving at one of the many small, traditional pubs in serve home cooked foods as they made us feel as at home as the locals we mingled with freely.

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If you are like me you will always take the opportunity to take a ride out of the city to find the trendiest activities and places to spend your vacation, which in the case of Dublin means exploring the Dublin Mountains looking for the best view of the city to photograph. As we looked for a picturesque view of Dublin we found ourselves in the Blue Light pub which dates back to the 19th century and gives a cozy and comfortable experience for weary travelers like ourselves who photograph the city from afar as we enjoy a pint of Guinness.

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For myself any trip I take is completed in a bid to ensure each and every experience available to me is enjoyed in a way that respects the traditions of a city like Dublin. When in Ireland I decided to enjoy all the local color, which meant attending Croke Park for a game of Gaelic Football in the national stadium; the nearby museum made it simple to understand a sport that has been in existence for over 3,000 years.


This may seem like a macabre option, but I enjoyed a trip to one of the most famous cemeteries in Ireland when I visited Dublin. Glasnevin Cemetery hosts some of the best known Irish people of all time and is just across the road from The John Kavanagh pub, which is known to locals as “The Gravediggers” as this is the traditional home to workers and mourners alike attending the cemetery each day.

Finally, one of the best days I spent in Dublin took me a few miles outside the city to the beautiful village of Howth, which sits atop a hill known as Howth Head overlooking the wildlife sanctuary of Ireland’s Eye. As a dedicated foodie seeking out the daily farmers market gave me the chance to enjoy the amazing array of foods produced in the area.

Author bio – Miguel and Carmen – photographers and passionate travellers. All images are author owned!

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